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No bridging the gap

REFLECTIONS by SUZANNE MILLS Friday, January 2 2015

A TEENAGER pleads guilty of being in possession of 106 grammes of marijuana which he tells the magistrate he received from a friend as a Christmas gift. The teen lacks two things: a good lawyer and a better legal system, one that doesn’t make criminals of weed smokers or even weed distributers for that matter.

The magistrate didn’t believe the weed was a gift and admonished him for possessing a large quantity of ganja. Yes, it would seem odd that his friend is so amazingly generous, but we don’t know the nature of their friendship and we don’t know how much the teen smokes so we can’t assume the weed was for trafficking.

After chiding the “gifted” teen, the magistrate fined him (in lieu of which he would serve ten months with hard labour) and told him he...

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