3 Main Varieties of Cannabis

All cannabis technically originated from the “Cannabis Sativa” species, although it is widely accepted that there are 3 main varieties of cannabis species.

1. Cannabis Sativa

2. Cannabis Indica

3. Cannabis Ruderalis

Each is quite different from one another.

Cannabis Sativa 3varieties-1

Grows tall, anywhere from 5 to 25 feet high.They are easily recognized by their long, serrated, pointy, light green leaves.

Sativa plants also have long internode spacing between their branches, usually three to six inches apart.  Sativa plants usually have a high level of THC in them, which often results in a cerebral and energetic feeling for the user.

Once flowering has begun, sativa strains can take between 9 to 16 weeks to reach full maturation. Because Sativa plants grow tall and take longer to grow, they are usually grown outdoors as opposed to inside.

Sativa plants originated in warm areas such...

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