New deadly drug has arrived in Denmark

On the occasion the legislators have made the synthetic drug an illegal high, the manufacturers have merely changed the composition

The health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen is concerned that a new designer drug, 'spice', is gaining a foothold in Denmark as it is a legal high that can potentially kill users.

Over the last couple of years, the Danish poison hotline Giftlinjen i Danmark has received about 60 calls regarding people who have been poisoned by spice, a kind of synthetic cannabis, after buying it through mail order.

”The drugs we hear about at Giftlinjen have typically arrived from Sweden,” Kim Dalhoff, a doctor and professor at Giftlinjen, told Metroxpress newspaper.

”First they spread in the US, then Sweden and then Denmark, so there is great risk that spice will become widespread – if it isn't already.”

Across the Øresund in Sweden, the authorities have been battling the drug for a few...

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