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High points for weed

IAN LAMBIE Wednesday, October 8 2014

At the 35th Caricom Heads of Governments meeting held in Antigua from 1st to 4 th July 2014, it was decided to establish a Regional Committee to conduct an enquiry into the social, economic, health and legal issues surrounding the use of marijuana in the region. Since then consultations on marijuana and its legalisation were held in Trinidad.

Two days ago, a headline stated “Jamaica changes law on small quantities of marijuana” while that in another stated “Ganja research lab set-up in Jamaica”. Legalisation of marijuana is being placed on the front burner in the Caribbean.

Now that Colorado and Washington have legalised marijuana, others States are already wondering if they can do the same.

Many are forgetting a crucial argument in favour of marijuana’s legalisation: its health benefits. Research has shown that there is great potential for marijuana for...

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