New Zealand: 51% against legalising marijuana

New Zealand has some of the highest cannabis consumption rates in the world yet the majority of people surveyed by Vote Compass say they don't want marijuana legalised.
They also want the drinking age pushed up to 20.
According to the United Nations, New Zealand has the eighth highest cannabis consumption level in the world after countries like Papua New Guinea, Zambia and Canada.

Vote Compass asked people whether they think "marijuana should be legalised".

Fifty-one percent of respondents disagree or strongly disagree it should be legalised, 33% said it should be, and 15% were neutral.

Danny Osborne, a lecturer in political psychology at Auckland University, says damage done by legal highs might help explain the results.

"One of the things that might potentially explain this is the recent reports that we've been seeing over the last couple of years showing that synthetic drugs,...

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