Chemist + Druggist: A New Generation Of Drug

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Originally published in Chemist + Druggist, 3rd September 2014

By Annabelle Collins

Pressure is growing for the government to legalise and fund the use of medicinal cannabis. So how likely is it that cannabis-based medicines will become commonplace in UK dispensaries?

A few years ago, the idea of dispensing cannabis on the NHS seemed unthinkable. Although the pain-relieving properties of the class B drug have long been recognised, its use is banned even for medicinal purposes. But there is increasing pressure for the NHS to fund the new generation of cannabis-based medicines, which claims to have maximum patient benefits and minimal side effects.

The move seemed to gain ground last month, when Wales approved one of these medicines - Sativex - for use in multiple sclerosis (MS). The drug's...

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