Doctors For Life Without Liberty

Following last month’s viral discussion between Concerned Young People of South and Below the Lion, SABC Newsroom hosted Doctor’s For Life and The Dagga Couple to continue the debate.

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Clearly, DFL had some damage control to do after Miss Maphanga’s prior on air meltdown. Fortunately, Myrtle Clarke and Julian Stobbs were there to composedly face the familiar droning on about why dagga should stay illegal this, and why dagga should stay illegal that. So let’s get down to another dagga debate autopsy with why we should JUST SAY NO to DFL.

Despite DFL’s claim to be a scientific organisation, it is first and foremost a fundamentalist fringe religious organisation. Not from the usual fair of popular religious offerings, these folk stick to a fire and brimstone outlook on life. A homophobic group of...

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