The Daily Telegraph Judged 'Inaccurate, Misleading And Distorted' On Cannabis Reporting

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has upheld CLEAR's complaint about The Daily Telegraph's appalling misreporting in April 2014 of a study on the brains of cannabis users.

The newspaper claimed falsely that the study showed "Experimenting with cannabis on a casual basis damages the brain permanently". The original complaint can be seen here. A correction has been published in today's edition of the newspaper and the online version of the original article has been amended.

Dr Jodi Gilman, author of the study, immediately went on record about inaccurate reporting of her work, insisting that there was no suggestion that cannabis had caused differences in the brain or that such differences could be regarded as 'damage' or 'permanent'.

Nevertheless, the newspaper has fought an intensive and concerted battle through the PCC. It has attempted to justify its misreporting through lengthy and complex correspondence in...

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