Cannabis helps me cope with MS, so why can't I get it on the NHS? - Telegraph

I’ve read with utter frustration news reports over the past week about plans to make Sativex – an oral cannabis-based spray – available on the NHS in Wales but not in other parts of Britain.

Sativex is licensed for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to alleviate muscle spasms and stiffness, and I’m one of a few thousand people in England who could significantly benefit from taking it; I have secondary progressive MS, experience excruciating muscle spasms and cannot tolerate any other muscle relaxant treatments.

For me, taking Sativex is the difference between being able to reach for a drink and take a few steps, or being confined, rigid as a concrete block, to a wheelchair. It doesn’t sound much, but for me it is life changing. Yet despite support from my consultant neurologist and other health-care professionals, I have been refused funding

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