Barcelona: Cannabis clubs cannot be opened for at least a year

Barcelona City Council banned new cannabis clubs for a year. At this time the Consistory drafted a regulation to halt their proliferation.

The First Deputy Mayor, Joaquim Forn, explained that last Wednesday the Government Commission approved emergency procedure for the suspension "to allow time to develop a legislation to establish when you can open these premises and under what conditions". To develop this legislation, the Consistory seeks advice from experts of the medical and pharmacological field.

Forn has also insisted on the fact that these associations "can not become a source of problems of coexistence" and said: "No loophole did not leave for a few can alter coexistence around the club" .

Currently, in the case of Barcelona, ​​an association of cannabis (and registered as an entity) does not require a business license and can operate by a communication with the Town Hall, in accordance with the stipulations of the Municipal...

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