Q & A | Cannabis & Complex Post Traumatic Disorder

Complex Post Traumatic Disorder (C-PTSD) is a psychological scarring distinct from but similar to PTSD and borderline personality disorder.

The condition can spawn from prolonged captivity or entrapment in a social or interpersonal context, causing permanent trauma to the mind. The far-reaching symptoms include loss of control, helplessness, and deformations of identity and sense of self.

One man, who chose to remain anonymous, bravely agreed to share his story with us, providing an emotional and moving insight into his condition which so many others share. He then goes on to explain how the alleviating effect of cannabis use has brightened up his life forever.

Medical Q & A Cannabis & Complex Post Traumatic Disorder 1

How does Complex Post Traumatic Disorder affect you on a day-to-day basis, what are the symptoms?

My symptoms for my C.P.T.S.D are as follows; I have a very

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