Community Post: The Cannabis Experience Goes Mobile

New cannabis-related apps can help users locate a dispensary, check store/product reviews and place orders for pickup. With recreational weed going for approximately $15 per gram, mobile accessibility for the best products will be in increasing demand.

Whether you are a Colorado resident or future tourist there, check out these great, mobile cannabis resources:

1. CannaBuild

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Like all products that are in demand, cannabis customers may experience long wait lines and inadequate customer service. To cope with the explosion of adult-use cannabis dispensaries, CannaBuild allows mobile users to remotely have one-on-one sessions with budtenders. These sessions help answer questions related to different plant strains, symptoms and usage. Although marijuana is losing its negative stigma, these online mobile sessions can be done anonymously for extra privacy. CannaBuild allows users to place mobile orders anywhere— with the touch of a button. So whatever type of...

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