Marijuana Possibly the Reason You Can't Have Kids, Pot Linked to infertility

A study published in medical journal Human Reproduction has claimed that the use of marijuana may have adverse effects on a man's sperm that may affect one's fertility.

The researchers sought to determine common lifestyle factors that may be associated with poor sperm morphology. The researchers analysed the various lifestyles activities and factors that could be linked to fertility. In a study that looked at the data from 1,970 men from fertility clinics across the United Kingdom who aside from providing information on their lifestyle, habits and medical history, also provided samples of their semen.

Fox News notes that using the guidelines on sperm morphology issued by the World Health Organization, a majority of the participants, 1,652 men, were able to produce "normal" samples of sperm - meaning over 4 percent of their sperm was the right shape size. However, a considerable number, 318...

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