Fifi Geldof's Hubby begs: Let's legalise drugs in UK

Bob Geldof, Peaches, Andrew Robertson, Fifi Geldof, Marriage, Drugs, Overdose, Detah, Inquest, Police, Mother, Cannabis, Legalise, Heroin, LEGALISATION: Grieving future son-in-law Andrew Robertson has called for drugs to be legalised in the UK [PH / GETTY]

Andrew Robertson, who is dating Sir Bob’s eldest girl Fifi, 31, made the plea as he unveiled plans for a madcap political party.

The sand sculptor, 33, said: “Your GP should have the power to prescribe you any drug you need, including cannabis and mushrooms for free.

“We need a new referendum on legalising drugs.

“The present legislation does not represent modern Britain.”

“The present legislation does not represent modern Britain”

Andrew Robertson

Andrew, who wants to register his Beach Party with the Electoral Commission, spoke seven weeks


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