Vote blue, smoke green: should the Tories go for the stoner vote?

Conservative thinktank Bright Blue launches its Modernisers' Manifesto today with 2015's general election in mind. One of its many eye-catching recommendations is reform of Britain's cannabis laws, which, it argues, would appeal to young and ethnic-minority voters. But would the people who care about cannabis really vote for a pro-cannabis Tory party? Here's what three drugs reform campaigners have to say about the idea.

Orson Boon, promoter, London Cannabis Club

"I am encouraged they are at least talking about it, but I don't trust the Tories to keep their word: David Cameron supported law change more than 10 years ago and changed his tune when he got into power. I can see it could mean more people voting for them, but many people we talk with have no trust for the Tories,...

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