Harvard law professor bats for fair trade of Ja ganja

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

WESTERN BUREAU:Harvard University's law professor Charles Nessen says the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association (WHGFA) could take steps in protecting the interest of Rastafari and small ganja farmers by legally registering themselves as cooperatives.

Professor Nessen made the comments during his keynote address at the WHGFA's second monthly meeting which was held at the MXIII Lawn in Negril, Westmoreland, on Sunday.

The professor had flown back to Jamaica specifically to address the meeting after having met with the association's chairman, Ras Iyah-V, at the launch of the Jamaica Ganja Future Growers in Kingston earlier this month.

His comments came after having read an article published in last Saturday's edition of Western Focus in which chairman of the WHGFA, Ras Iyah-V, expressed concerns and mistrust about the newly formed Ganja Future Growers Association, which, he said, among other things, appeared not to be looking out for...

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