Bulgarian Court Acquits Medical Marijuana Grower

The Lovech Regional Court acquitted Marin Kalchev who was tried for owning and growing two cannabis plants in his home. 

Kalchev, who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, was using the plants for extracting cannabis oil to alleviate his symptoms, until last April his home was stormed by police, which found the two plants. 

In February this year judge Galya Marinova ordered a medical report of three specialists, to evaluate the positive effects of cannabis oil in the treatment of the multiple sclerosis symptoms. Experts found that the medical use of marijuana improves Kalchev's condition and pointed out that the plant is often used for approved treatment of the symptoms of multiple sclerosiscancerglaucoma and other medical conditions. 

According to the report there were numerous international studies proving the favorable effect of marijuana and that Germany and the Czech Republic allow its use for medical cases. “The Bulgarian medics owe much to their patients in this regard,” said the report.


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