Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado, but Not on Google and Twitter

Online ad industry wrestles with how to handle bumper crop of new ad budgets

Pot is legal in Colorado but not on Google and Twitter. At least not yet.

A million-dollar-a-day industry is budding out West, but marketers are trying to grapple with how to advertise the once illegal weed. Digital advertising giants like Google and Twitter aren’t open to sponsored search ads or tweets from small-business marijuana shops. Apple restricts that kind of content on its mobile app store. As a result, “potrepreneurs” will need to get creative in a hurry.

The entire industry is still exploring how to navigate the regulations —public policy and private-company restrictions— of marketing marijuana.

Once the rules are clarified (and that could take months), expect a flood of endorsements from celebs “known for their open marijuana views like Woody Harrelson,” said Jarrod Moses, CEO of United Entertainment Group.


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