When It Comes To Marijuana, North Korea Appears To Have Liberal Policy Of Tolerance

North Korea's apparent stance on marijuana may surprise you. According to multiple reports from defectors, visitors and experts, North Korea either has no law against the sale and consumption of weed, or it has a law that is largely unenforced. Just last week, a 29-year-old freelance writer from England wrote an account on his blog explaining how he purchased a grocery bag full of weed at an indoor market in rural North Korea and smoked it with impunity both at outdoor parks and monuments, as well as in restaurants and bars. The writer, Darmon Richter, who lives in Bulgaria, also described how the group's regime-appointed "minder" smoked the marijuana with him and his fellow tourists. Ritcher told The Huffington Post the guide said weed is legal in North Korea. north korea weed Bag of pot that journalist Darmon Richter bought at a market in Rason, North Korea, for about 80...

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