10 Best Places To Start A Cannabis Business in the U.S.

Starting a cannabis business in the US takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience.

However, it’s doable if you choose the best US state for such a business.

According to some of the most recent statistics, the cannabis industry is among the fastest-growing industries globally.

Therefore, it’s a perfect time to start this type of business.


Why Social Equity Matters For Cannabis, And What States Are Doing About It

The means of commercially producing, selling, and profiting from cannabis are, so far, incredibly concentrated in the hands of white business owners.

Introduction to social equity

Let’s get one thing straight — the world needs cannabis. Even as far back as 485 BC (just about 1,500 years ago), Greek historian Herodotus described the pot- smoking rituals of ancient Scythians.

In China, archaeologists uncovered evidence of cannabis use dating back 2,500 years. When considered in this light, cannabis is a human right — and a sacred one at that.

What does all of this have to do with social equity in the cannabis industry here and now?


Is cannatourism in Washington on the rise?

According to an article released by the Washington Tourism Alliance in June of this year, tourism in Washington State has seen double digit growth during the past five years, generating $10.9 billion in direct state GDP in 2019 alone – before the industry’s near total shutdown in early spring 2020 due to COVID-19.

Since the beginning of March, visitor spending in the state has declined by $3.8 billion compared with last year’s figures. Yet, cannabis sales have continued to rise, with sales in June and July significantly surpassing last year. Cannabis-themed tours are also in full swing, driving direct traffic to retailers.

So, as reopening phases continue, is it possible we could see a boost in tourism based on cannabis sales alone? Some experts say it’s very likely.


Here’s how cannabis ads, store location influence marijuana use in youth

Advertising and location of cannabis retailers influence adolescents’ intentions to use marijuana, according to a new study. The new study led by Washington State University researchers was published in the Journal of Health Communication.


The Age of Cannabis Delivery

The timeline of cannabis in America is certainly a tumultuous one. From being spiritually and ritualistically used by Native Americans, to being vilified and criminalized by early 1900’s government officials leading to a 75 year prohibition, to an explosive “war on drugs” that had a choke hold on American culture for over two decades, marijuana and its users have been on a seriously wild ride.


Millennials Prefer Smoking Their Cannabis

A new report from analytics company Headset found millennials to be the biggest category for cannabis consumption in California and their overwhelming choice for form factor is smoking. The latest report on August sales read, “Millennial Males contributed to the most sales with 37.5% of the market share.” Millennials in general spent 43% of their money on flower, 9% on pre-rolls, and another 23% on vape pens. Making almost two-thirds of all purchases in the inhalant category.


The Oddest Cannabis Laws And Regulations

The history of cannabis laws and regulations in the United States is a complicated, convoluted affair that has arguably only gotten more confusing as more and more states launch legal medical and recreational marijuana programs. The result can sometimes be, well, a bit odd.

The following is a short list of some of the stranger cannabis regulations currently on the books in the US. 

1. Don’t transport marijuana by boat in California 

Don't transport marijuana by boat in California

Make sure not to run fowl of the law in California. (wiroklyngz/123rf)


A Quick Comparison Of Cannabis Tax Revenue By State

For the past century, America has been in a fierce debate regarding the legal status of marijuana. And while individuals on both sides of the issue are passionate about their positions regarding the morality and safety of cannabis, those against legalization have largely had their way— until very recently.


U.S. Cannabis Price – Which Is The Most Expensive State?

Cannabis is the new must-have product in legal States, opening up an industry that didn’t exist before, and diverting money from the longstanding cannabis black market. But change doesn’t always come cheap, and depending on where you live, the taxes are steep, and the price of cannabis is skyrocketing.

About 10 years ago I used to pay about $50 for an 1/8 of good stuff in New York. Around that time, I could get that same 1/8 in Oregon for $10-15 less, highlighting one of the big price differences that has often existed for cannabis between the East and West coasts of the US, a standard that could be changed or erased by the inclusion of a legal cannabis market.


Study: Marijuana Legalization Does Not Increase Crime in Neighboring States

According to a new study legalizing marijuana for all uses is not associated with an increase in crime in neighboring states. The study was published in The Journal of Drug Issues: Its full title is The spillover effect of recreational marijuana legalization on crime: Evidence from neighboring states of Colorado and Washington state.


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