Utah Lawmakers Considering Medical Cannabis Program Expansion

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Utah’s medical marijuana law may soon undergo another expansion if a bill that is being introduced in the legislature gets approved.

Salt Lake City-based television station FOX13 reports that a bill offered up by a pair of Republican lawmakers seeks to allow more Utah physicians to recommend medical cannabis to qualifying patients.


More Utah doctors will be able to recommend medical cannabis under new bill

More Utah doctors will be able to recommend medical cannabis to qualifying patients, under a new bill being proposed.

The forthcoming legislation will allow physicians to recommend cannabis for up to 15 patients without having to go through hours of specialized training through the state. But if a doctor does, they can help up to 275 patients.

"We want to make the barrier to entry on the part of providers, prescribers, lower," said Rep. Ray Ward, R-Bountiful, who is co-sponsoring the bill with Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers.


Navajo Nation Cracks Down On Cannabis Cultivation

Problematic cannabis cultivation on Navajo Nation lands has led to a new resolution to clarify the Nation’s stance.

The Navajo Nation is an American Indian territory covering more than 17.5 million acres of north-eastern Arizona, south-eastern Utah and north-western New Mexico.

The Navajo Nation doesn’t allow for hemp or marijuana to be grown on its land, with the exception of a pilot project being carried out in partnership with New Mexico State University. However, at least one unauthorised party has been cultivating hemp, claiming passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalised it at a federal level allows this to occur – and there was no Navajo Nation penalty in place for growing hemp.


Utah’s new medical marijuana program more popular than officials expected

Six months after medical marijuana became legal for purchase inside Utah for the first time, the program has already surpassed enrollment projections.

But high demand has also led to shortages in both product and providers interested in recommending medical marijuana to patients.

“It’s been going. It’s been going well, as with all new programs and people starting and really pushing to get up and going like they did early on — and now (producers) are starting to find their traction to be able to keep moving forward,” said Cody James, manager of the Utah Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Program.


Cash No Longer Necessary for Utah Cannabis Patients

Utah medical cannabis patients have gotten used to a cash-only system, as many banks and credit card companies still refuse to work with cannabis businesses. Now, in light of the hassle and potential theft risk that causes, as well as sanitation risks due to COVID, a new app that allows for cashless transactions is being rolled out. 


Utah State researchers debunk myths to find optimal hemp growth

Ninety years ago, hemp researchers at Utah State University grew cannabis for rope and had no way to test the THC content in crops other than smoking it and monitoring the effects. Research halted in 1970 when then-President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act.

Utah’s cannabis pharmacies debut drive-thru services

Medical cannabis pharmacies in South Ogden and Salt Lake City began offering drive-thru services this week, as retailers seek to protect vulnerable customers from exposure to the coronavirus.

The new option will offer a “safe alternative for high-risk patients to get the care they need as our country recovers from this pandemic,” Greta Brandt, president of True North Organics and Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary, said in a prepared statement.

Patients using the drive-thru at South Ogden’s Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary at 3775 S. Wall Ave. will still have to bring a medical cannabis card or a physician recommendation letter, according to a news release.


Utah medical marijuana pharmacies prep for drive-thru & home delivery as demand increases

Since the first week of March, when they became legal in Utah, three medical marijuana pharmacies have opened in Utah.

As demand for their products steadily increases, two of those pharmacies are preparing to offer drive-thru services in July.

In addition to drive-thru, the state will allow pharmacies to offer home deliveries - if they meet strict requirements for delivering themselves, or through a licensed medical marijuana courier.

Right now, about 3,500 Utahns have applied for and received medical cannabis cards in order to purchase product pharmacies.


Utah Lawmakers Amend Medical Cannabis Laws To Grant Access To More Patients

More patients in Utah will have access to the state’s new medical marijuana program thanks to new changes to the law finalized on Wednesday.

The state’s Department of Health announced that under legislation by the Utah legislature and signed into law by Republican Gov. Gary Herbert, “qualifying patients who do not have a medical cannabis card but have a ‘recommendation letter’ from their medical provider may purchase medical cannabis until December 31, 2020.”


Utah Takes First Steps Into Medical Cannabis Marketplace: 'They Saw The Will Of Their Citizens'

March 1, 2020, marked the launch of Utah's medical cannabis program and its marketplace.

Spending in the new market could reach $84 million by 2024, according to data from BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research. 

The state health department began accepting applications March 1, and the state's first dispensary — referred to as a pharmacy in Utah — opened the following day. 


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