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Why Tobacco Prices are rising in the U.S. while those for weed are dropping — and what that Means for Consumers


Tax collected from cannabis is oftentimes used for programs that tend to benefit the U.S. state in which the weed is purchased.

People who are frequent cannabis purchasers in the U.S. have likely noticed that some of their favourite cannabis products have stayed the same price, or even gone down over the last year.

An initial reaction is likely not to ask too many questions, but, instead, to buy as much as possible and leave both with cannabis and a bag full of savings.

Cannabis prices have, indeed, decreased or at least stayed stable recently. So, why is such a highly taxed product like marijuana not going up in price while the tab for tobacco, another taxed and regulated substance, continues to climb?


This Hemp Seed-Flavored Spirit Brand Is the Product of a Centuries-Old Legacy

drink old legacy

The story of Tusk and its hemp seed-flavored rum began over 100 years ago, when Maurice Morton’s great-great-great-grandparents made a fortuitous, and hard-earned, purchase.

“In 1906, my great-great-great-grandparents, who were former slaves turned sharecroppers, purchased the land that they actually used to work on,” he says. Morton’s grandfather passed it to the next generation, and in 2019, his aunt decided to move to the property, in Halifax, VA, to build a home. Morton and his cousin presented her with a plan to plant hemp seed — which took some convincing. “She thought we were [going to] turn into a cartel family,” he says with a laugh. “Once she realized that we were talking about actual hemp and not marijuana, it turned into an ‘Okay, let’s do this.’”


Marijuana legalization one area in which Left doesn't see Biden as ally

crowd biden

Senate Democrats and other advocates for marijuana legalization may not have an ally in the White House despite the popularity of the cause among progressives.

President Joe Biden is a long-standing opponent of marijuana use and of policies that would decriminalize the drug, a stance that has only softened somewhat in recent years.

A group of six Democratic senators sent a letter to Biden on July 6 expressing frustration with his administration for refusing to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I controlled substances and for failing to issue pardons to all individuals convicted of nonviolent cannabis-related offenses, the latter of which was a 2020 campaign promise.


3 tips for getting high while camping in the great outdoors

couple camping

A good rule of thumb is that if your state bans cannabis use in public places, it is safe to say you cannot use it in a state park.

Camping is a wildly popular fair weather activity throughout the country. It is a perfect excuse to get your family and friends together for some time with nature. When you’re in the woods, or camped on the beach, it is easy to let all your anxieties and professional stresses evaporate into the clean air. 

While releasing stress is one of the many great benefits of camping, it is important to remember there are still rules and laws you must follow while camping. This is particularly true if you bring some marijuana along with you on your camping trip.


DEA rescinds proposal to ban five psychedelic drugs


The Drug Enforcement Administration revealed last week that it had dropped a proposed rule change that would ban five psychedelic drugs known as tryptamines.

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced on Friday that it had rescinded a plan to prohibit five psychedelic compounds under federal drug laws, only weeks after the agency scheduled a hearing on the proposed ban.


Existing drug tests can detect delta-8-THC--the latest cannabis craze


New findings presented at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting.

As the cannabis derivative delta-8-THC grows in popularity, it's important for drug tests to be able to detect and differentiate it from delta-9-THC—the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Breaking research showcased at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo demonstrates that common drug testing methods can do just that.


U.S. Senate bill would legalize marijuana for first time in 50+ years

legalize cannabis

The bill goes beyond legalization and would expunge federal cannabis-related records

The U.S. Senate introduced a bill to decriminalize marijuana.
More than 50 years after Congress made marijuana illegal, the U.S. Senate has introduced a new bill to legalize pot.
The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act would decriminalize marijuana and enable states to create their own weed laws.

Not a gimmick: Mike Tyson serious about cannabis industry, wants to make it a superfood



Boxing icon Mike Tyson says he has never felt mentally and physically healthier in his life. The reason: his consistent use of cannabis.

It’s a way of existence that is priceless, the part-time Las Vegas resident says, even though it costs him $40,000 monthly.

“Mike is lightning in a bottle,” said Chad Bronstein, his business partner with Tyson 2.0, a company that makes an ear-shaped cannabis gummy.

“There are a lot of celebrity brands, but Mike is an authentic brand user. He smokes a lot of weed, and for different reasons. Mike talks a lot about mental health, and I think people can see that he’s an authentic person. People like that.”


Declining cannabis prices


In an inflationary period where the prices of most products are on the rise, why is it that cannabis seems unaffected? The question surrounding this is, “Is cannabis inflation-proof or are there other factors in play?” Historically, the price for a gram of cannabis has been around the $10 and $20 range, and on up. Nowadays, consumers can find cannabis for around $5 per gram depending on how much they purchase.


Hero Technologies adopts marijuana-related business banking

man at bank machine

Hero Technologies a cannabis company focused on a "seed-to-sale" vertical integration strategy, has migrated its banking operations from traditional financial institutions to banks that specialize in marijuana-related businesses (MRB). The company expects that the move to MRB banks will facilitate its compliance with state and federal financial regulations and help it manage cash and financial risk as it grows. (Benzinga)

Banking for MRBs is challenging due to the varied regulations across the U.S., the cash-intensive nature of the marijuana business, and the explosive growth of the cannabis industry.


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