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New laws in Brazil, Argentina could signal ‘radical shift’ in global markets


Proposed laws on the cusp of passage in Brazil and Argentina could lead to “a radical change in the global dynamics of production of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis,” according to Latin America’s leading hemp industry group.

Lorenzo Rolim da Silva, president of the Latin-American Industrial Hemp Association said if the new cannabis laws are enacted, they will let the two countries realize their full potential in international markets.

“Both designs are quite robust and modern, and would bring both countries in line with current regulations in the European Union and North America,” Rolim da Silva said.


What Is Rockwool And Why Is It A New Buzzword In The Marijuana Industry?

Aside from the fact that it prevents the multiplication of pathogens, it also helps the seeds germinate, thus facilitating good drainage.

Rockwool is a fantastic method for growing marijuana. With Rockwool, you can have the strain you choose through the cannabis cycle as growers of all levels utilize different hydroponics for harvesting heavier yields. If you haven’t tried Rockwool, it is time to hop on the trend.


Making CBD That Works

Bioavailability is a term growing in popularity like the rise in CBD, but why is it so important and does it really make a difference? Bioavailability is the amount of an active ingredient that absorbs into the blood stream allowing for the ingredient to effectively activate in the body. Supplements like vitamin C have little issue absorbing into the blood stream and activating in the body because they are considered water soluble; however, supplements like vitamin D3, omega 3, curcuminoids and cannabinoids like CBD have difficulties absorbing in the body because they are fat soluble. This means they do not dissolve well in hydrophilic (water-loving) media, like say the human body.


Legalization In Latin America: Who’s Next After Mexico?

These three countries are far from the only jurisdictions of interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. There could be dark horses that surprise us.


The Latin American Cannabis Market Is About to Take Off

In the global cannabis marketplace, Latin America is a region on the rise, with more business opportunities emerging and a developing consumer marketplace. With a population of 655 million and over 30 countries, Latin America offers the perfect conditions for growing high-quality raw material, extracting the oil, and producing finished goods at a relatively low cost. These products can then be exported to other counties within the region and the U.S. and Europe.


Latin America could be next hotspot for cannabis industry despite pandemic

man holding marijuana leaves


Despite the coronavirus pandemic, new legislation and business partnerships have Latin America on the verge of a cannabis boom, according to a new report.

The report from Prohibition Partners, a market research firm studying the cannabis industry, looked at recent investments and laws to keep marijuana more accessible in the region.

Recent steps towards wider decriminalization from Paraguay, Ecuador and Argentina, among others, have opened the doors for further investment in the region pertaining to marijuana.

Earlier this month, Argentina allowed people to grow cannabis at home and for people to take it medicinally if they are uninsured.


Cannabis Tourism Could Help Cities Struggling Due to COVID-19

Cannabis tourism is not a new concept.

For many decades vacationers have flocked to cannabis hotspots like Amsterdam, Jamaica, Thailand, and other international destinations often associated with cannabis, albeit unregulated cannabis.

Options for legal cannabis tourism have increased in recent years with the spread of cannabis reform. Canada is a particularly popular destination these days because of the implementation of cannabis legalization.


The Top Reasons Latin America Could Dominate the Cannabis Market

The Latin America cannabis market is on pace to be one of the most exciting in the world. In fact, it has the potential to become one of the largest markets in the world with an estimated value of $9.8 billion , according to New Frontier Data. Better, according to Health Europa , the Latin American market is projected to reach a total value of $12.7 billion by 2028 thanks to a combination the region's combination of favorable weather conditions, low overhead costs.
That's creating sizable opportunity for companies including Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV:TRCE), Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc. (OTC:CWBHF)(CN:CWEB), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB)(TSX:ACB), The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. (TSX:FIRE)(OTC:SPRWF), and Marimed Inc. (OTC:MRMD).


Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries: looking to Latin America

In this article the Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries explores the medical cannabis market in Latin America.

As EU demand for cannabis products grows, investors are turning to Latin America for imports. The Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries, which is recognised as the most relevant private entity representing the private cannabis industry in Colombia, tell us more.


Bringing Medical Marijuana To Latin America: 'Our Mission Is To Solve The Regulatory Puzzle'

According to an article from Harvard Health Publishing, the most common use for medical marijuana in the United States is pain control - an ailment that affects millions of Americans. Medical marijuana is particularly desirable to help in these cases because it is safer to use than opiates (less addictive and impossible to overdose on). 

Cannabis as a medicinal drug was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia for the first time in 1850, and was used widely in the U.S. as a patent medicine during the 19th and 20th centuries.


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