Saint Lucia


44 year old man in court claims he has used cannabis since he was NINE

A CHARD man who was found with thousands of pounds worth of cannabis lying around his home and claimed he used liberal amounts in his daily life has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Rastafarian Molly Alcindor said he had been using the drug since the age of 9 and its use for health reasons, for cooking and making tea, as well as recreational smoking was entrenched in his home culture in St Lucia.

Once the numerous quantities of the drug were recovered by police they were analysed and found to be a total of more than 1.7kg with an estimated street value in the region of £17,000.


Group Wants Saint Lucian Government to Decriminalize Marijuana

The Cannabis Movement in Saint Lucia is urging the government to follow the footsteps of Jamaica and decriminalize marijuana. Members say it would pave the way for a legal marijuana industry.

Andre de Caires, the head of the Cannabis Movement, has been a champion of marijuana tourism and decriminalization. He says Jamaica is heading down the right path by approving a bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis and believes Saint Lucia should do the same.


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