5 reasons why there’s a medical marijuana drought in Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana is the only medicine that helps Dalton Hunsberger with seizures, nausea and anxiety.

But for two months, it’s been very difficult to find the medicine that treats the 21-year-old Perkasie man’s epilepsy and other symptoms. “When the dispensaries get it in, it’s gone within a couple of hours,” said Dalton’s mother, Charis Hunsberger.

Pennsylvania is in the grip of a medical marijuana drought, according to multiple dispensary owners from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.


Governor of Pennsylvania asks legislators to consider legalizing recreational cannabis

Tom Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania, now numbers himself among Pennsylvanians who stand in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. It took some time for Gov. Wolf to come around to this position, and the efforts of his Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, are largely to thank for evolution on the issue of legal marijuana.


Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program interrupted due to software glitch

Patients in Pennsylvania were denied access to medical marijuana on Tuesday, the result of a crash in the system used to track sales. 

All such transactions in the state are processed through a tracking software system called MJ Freeway, which is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health under the medical cannabis law there. 


Pennsylvania green lights medical marijuana for anxiety

Pennsylvania medical officials have given the thumb's up to doctors to prescribing medical marijuana for patients with anxiety disorders. This decision happens just one month after Ohio officials refused to do the same.

The new regulation from the Pennsylvania Department of Health went into effect this month. While the measure allows for prescribing marijuana, it also mandates that cannabis not be the first choice, but rather used in tandem with traditional treatments. 


Pennsylvania revokes marijuana grower’s permit after weed mysteriously disappears

Pennsylvania has revoked the cultivation permit of a medical marijuana grower for not meeting its production obligations and flouting other rules, according to state Health Secretary Rachel Levine.

Agrimed Industries in Western Pennsylvania was one of 12 growers granted a permit in June 2017 to produce cannabis for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana patients. It was among the highest scorers on the Department of Health’s highly competitive application process. Two years later, it still has failed to produce any marijuana for the medical market.


Pennsylvania Health Officials expand Medical Cannabis Access Program

Health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access.

The State Health Department Secretary publicly announced on Thursday that patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and/or Tourette syndrome will be eligible to receive recommendations to legally access medical cannabis products. The new rules take effect on July 20.

Lieutenant Gov. John Fetterman called the changes “a truly powerful expansion” of the state’s program.


A Philadelphia university will now offer MBA specifically for the cannabis industry

University of the Sciences, a Philadelphia-based university, has announced the launch of an addition to their Masters of Business Adminstration (MBA) specifically designed for the cannabis industry. While other courses touch on cannabis topics, USciences believes this is the first course of its kind to tie in commerce of cannabis, hemp, and dispensary operations.


Pennsylvania adds anxiety and tourette syndrome to Medical Marijuana Program

Later this July, Pennsylvania’s list of 21 conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatments will grow to 23. On Thursday, Pennsylvania’s Department of Health approved the addition of two new qualifying conditions: anxiety and Tourette Syndrome. According to Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, the decision to add the two conditions wasn’t an easy one. But ultimately, Levine approved the conditions in light of growing evidence that cannabis can be an affective adjunct to traditional anxiety and Tourette Syndrome treatments.


Medical marijuana research program launched in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health last week announced a medical marijuana research program involving clinical registrants and approved universities is to kick off in the state.

The program will start with three clinical registrants, who each have a grower/processor and a dispensary permit. The initiative will see the collaborations conducting clinical research on any of the 21 conditions for which the use of medical marijuana is approved for in Pennsylvania.


Gas station chain Sheetz now selling CBD products in Pennsylvania locations

Gas station and convenience store chain Sheetz is probably best known for its massive selection of snacks and touchscreen ordering system.

Now, the chain is diving headfirst into the CBD craze. As announced by the company earlier today, Sheetz is now adding a full line of CBD products to its offerings.


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