Oklahoma House passes medical cannabis protection bill

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program has divided patients and health professionals, voters and their elected officials. But a new bill, which cleared the House floor Thursday with a 93-5 vote, aims to create unity on the issue. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act represents a bipartisan effort to craft new rules for the state program. It also marks the culmination of a working group’s efforts to create a framework based on input from proponents and opponents of State Question 788.


Legal hemp delivery drivers released from jail but still charged with smuggling marijuana

Two delivery drivers who were arrested in Oklahoma for shipping legal hemp have been released from jail, although they are still facing charges for smuggling cannabis, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Oklahoma Students may now use medical marijuana in schools, but school staff may not

One Oklahoma public school district is taking steps to ensure students can access medical cannabis treatments while at school. On Monday, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education voted to approve a policy protecting students, staff and caregivers who have a medical cannabis license. The Board’s action marks progress on an issue that has prompted ongoing controversy and debate since Oklahoma voters legalized medical cannabis last June.


Labeling bill tops Oklahoma medical marijuana agenda

The Oklahoma Legislature’s top two voices on medical marijuana are hoping to quickly pass testing rules this session before moving on to more controversial issues.

Sen. Greg McCortney, an Ada Republican who co-chaired a medical marijuana working group that met ahead of the session, said testing and labeling will be the first priority because the state doesn’t have a framework for making sure smokable marijuana isn’t contaminated.

“We cannot guarantee the safety of the products being sold in Oklahoma, and well, that is obviously not a good thing,” he said.


Arkansas residents can obtain Oklahoma marijuana license

Thousands of Arkansas residents with valid medical marijuana licenses can receive a temporary medical marijuana adult license in Oklahoma, authorities said.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has issued more than 33,000 patient licenses since voters overwhelmingly authorized medical cannabis in June. And KFSM reports residents of Arkansas and other states with state-issued medical marijuana licenses can apply for a temporary license in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma quickly becoming marijuana haven since voters approved medical cannabis

The rollout of statewide medical and recreational marijuana programs typically is a grindingly slow process that can take years. Not so in Oklahoma, which moved with lightning speed once voters approved medical cannabis in June.

The ballot question received 57 percent support and established one of the nation’s most liberal medical pot laws in one of the most conservative states. Six months later, the cannabis industry is booming.

Farmers and entrepreneurs are racing to start commercial grow operations, and the state is issuing licenses to new patients, growers and dispensary operators at a frantic pace. Retail outlets opened just four months after legalization.


'Way over black market': Medical marijuana prices cause some sticker shock as question of taxes still looms

A patient at OKind Medical Marijuana Dispensary on opening day said she knew she would need a lot of cash but had no idea what her purchase might amount to at the Sapulpa retailer.

She was told most strains would cost $50-$55 for an eighth-ounce, making OKind one of the more costly dispensaries to open immediately after growers’ first harvests. But she didn’t know if she would have to pay state sales tax, 4.5 percent, on top of the 7 percent tax mandated in State Question 788, or whether Sapulpa also levies its own city sales tax on cannabis products.


Oklahoma health board approves marijuana edibles rules

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin will soon consider food safety rules on marijuana edibles, which advocates say should help bring clarity to the cannabis-infused food market.

The Oklahoma Board of Health voted Tuesday to send the rules to Fallin for approval, The Oklahoman reported .

The rules follow similar guidelines for foods that don't have THC, but do include additional labeling and testing requirements, said Buffy Heater, the project manager for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. THC is the compound in marijuana that causes a high.

Processers will be required to include the amount of THC on the label of all edible products, as well as the number to Poison Control in case of accidental ingestion.


Oklahoma Board of Health sends marijuana edibles rules to governor

The state Board of Health voted on Tuesday to send food safety rules for marijuana edibles to Gov. Mary Fallin.

Some advocates welcomed the vote, saying it would bring clarity to the market for cannabis-infused food.

A food safety standards board had put together the recommendations over the course of three hours-long meetings in August. The standards largely line up with rules for foods that don't include marijuana, but they do have some additional testing and labeling requirements, said Buffy Heater, project manager for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.


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