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When will the price for medical marijuana go down in Ohio?

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Within a minute of one another are two Cincinnati medical marijuana dispensaries — Sunnyside (formerly Verdant Creations) at 5149 Kennedy Avenue, and Verilife, at 5431 Ridge.

When interviewed in 2019 by WVXU, Verilife customers had high hopes prices would come down since an increasing number of dispensaries were popping up in Southwest Ohio.

It’s unclear if they’ve seen much of a decrease in price, and plenty of people are still driving to surrounding states where it’s cheaper. But that might be changing.

The city of Monroe will have four dispensaries after recently being awarded three more provisional licenses.

The Journal News reports two of the provisional licenses in Monroe were granted to Shangri-La Dispensary Ohio and one to Deaver Ohio.


LeBron James' Foundation announces plans for multimillion-dollar Akron medical facility


LeBron James has said it takes a village to help raise a kid and make a true difference.

And Tuesday's announcement of the new I Promise HealthQuarters furthers his contention that a holistic approach is needed to make change not only in a child's life but for the student's entire family.

The new I Promise HealthQuarters will be the latest addition to the growing set of resources offered by James' namesake foundation and will be situated right across the street from the now-under-construction House Three Thirty.

Like the old Tangier, the property and building was owned by the George family that has operated Bell Music Co. — which supplies arcade-type amusements to businesses — for decades out of the structure that includes offices and a large warehouse space.


Will Ohio legalize cannabis in 2023? It's complicated but a vague deal has been reached, here's what we know


State officials and cannabis legalization advocates reached a deal on Friday, agreeing to allow the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to retain the signatures they’ve already collected while delaying their campaign until 2023. (Benzinga)

The Coalition agreed to delay its legalization campaign until next year in exchange for state officials agreeing to accept the more than 140,000 signatures the coalition had already collected, instead of potentially making them start over from scratch.


More Ohioans could become eligible for medical marijuana under Senate Bill

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A Republican lawmaker’s efforts to overhaul Ohio’s medical marijuana program and expand the number of Ohioans eligible for a cannabis prescription was put to the test Wednesday.

The House Government Oversight Committee held its fourth hearing on Senate Bill 261, introduced by Sen. Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City), to streamline the process for businesses vying for a medical marijuana license and permit physicians to prescribe the drug where they “reasonably” believe it will help a patient.

“It makes it more patient-centered, and as a physician, I’ve always been for making it patient-centered, that they can get it for the right conditions and the right way for a good price,” Huffman said.


Ohio regulators want 73 new medical marijuana dispensary licenses to address demand, more double current number

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Ohio medical marijuana regulators want to double the number of dispensary licenses in the state to satisfy patient demand, which has been much higher than anticipated since the program became operational.

Currently, there are 58 dispensaries throughout Ohio.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy staff are working on adding 73 new dispensary licenses, said Justin Sheridan, the board’s director of medical marijuana operations, at a Thursday cannabis discussion at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.

That could bring the total number of dispensaries in Ohio to 131 or 132 – depending on the outcome of a court case that could create a 59th dispensary from the first round of dispensary licenses.


Ohio medical cannabis program has made almost $725 million


The Buckeye State’s first cannabis sales came in 2019, and now, Ohio is getting close to the $1 billion mark.

The medical cannabis program in Ohio has generated about $725 million in revenue, according to a local news report.

The figure was noted by local television station WKYC, which cited the state’s Department of Commerce Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Ohio lawmakers passed a measure legalizing medical cannabis in 2016, but sales did not begin until three years later. 

“Ohio’s program has matured pretty quickly,” said Kate Nelson, regional general manager for Acreage Holdings, a cannabis operator, as quoted by WKYC. “I’m very impressed at how much it’s grown as far as patient access goes, recommending physicians and products available.”


Ohio Senate leader rejects recreational cannabis petition

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Ohio state Senate President Matt Huffman said last week that he will not act on a petition to legalize recreational cannabis and dared reform activists advancing the proposal to take the issue to voters in a statewide election. Huffman, one of the most powerful Republican lawmakers in Ohio and the leader of the GOP-controlled state Senate, told reporters that he would not bring the adult-use cannabis legalization proposal sponsored by the group the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol up for a vote.


“I don’t want anybody to misunderstand my position,” Huffman said, as quoted by the Columbus Dispatch. “I’m not going to bring it to the Senate floor. And if that means people want to go put it on the ballot, have at it.”


Northfield Center looking to ban medical, recreational marijuana facilities

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NORTHFIELD CENTER, Ohio – Township trustees have rescheduled a public hearing for March 7 at 6:30 p.m. to receive input on text changes to the zoning resolution.

The proposed changes relate to medical and recreational marijuana, outdoor parking of construction vehicles/equipment on residential lots and temporary outdoor fundraisers.

A public hearing originally was scheduled for Feb. 8, but was postponed. Thus, trustees tabled action on a resolution to approve the changes that originally appeared on the Feb. 8 meeting’s agenda.


Republicans and groups friendly to them are at odds over whether to legalize marijuana in Ohio



Two conservative groups have different perspective on this issue

A battle over whether to legalize marijuana is taking shape at the Ohio Statehouse. The lines are being drawn and groups that usually support each other on issues are finding they are at odds on this one.

Ohio lawmakers are now considering three proposals to legalize marijuana. Two are sponsored by lawmakers themselves - a Democratic bill and a Republican measure. The other is an initiated statute brought by an outside group. If lawmakers don’t pass it, that organization could gather signatures and take it to voters, perhaps this year.


VHS vs. THC: How old video stores are helping weed businesses in Ohio

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A chain of video rental stores will now be used as cannabis dispensaries in Ohio, increasing the number of dispensaries in a state that sorely needs them.

Remember the abandoned video store near the home where you grew up in? It may now be a cannabis dispensary. At least, if you live in Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that over a dozen video rental properties belonging to Family Video are candidates for housing dispensaries and cannabis businesses. These locations will be selected through a lottery starting this Thursday, with over 1,500 applications submitted for 73 new medical cannabis licenses.


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