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Can the Hemp Business Survive?

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Soaps, deodorant, beard oil, pain relievers, lotion, hand sanitizer and an anti-anxiety tincture for pets.

The array of products Grant McCabe creates using oil extracted from hemp he grows on a Marlboro farm to sell in his Beacon shop, The Leaf, could soon have an imprimatur: New York-certified.

Last month, the state Department of Health unveiled proposed regulations governing how the plant is processed to extract cannabidiol oil (CBD) and other cannabinoid substances from its leaves and flowers. The proposals would set standards for products sold by retailers, including food and drinks.

But the regulations also would ban the sale of the smokable flower, or bud, of the plant, which retailers say is where they make most of their profits.


New York Might Be Late To Legalization, But It Can Still Lead


If New York wants to try to retain its national reputation as a progressive leader, it should pass a law centered around promoting social justice.

Although New York led the country on cannabis decriminalization in the 1970s and the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the 1930s, the Empire State has been embarrassingly slow to fully legalize cannabis this century. This is despite having overwhelming public support, a thriving illicit market, and a large cannabis delivery infrastructure already built. Now, with New Jersey voters amending the state constitution to legalize recreational cannabis, neighboring states like New York and Pennsylvania will have no choice but to look closely at regulation themselves if they want to avoid falling behind.  


Cannabis Legalization in New York: Déjà vu All Over Again?

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They say three times is a charm.

There are signs that the state legislature and Governor Cuomo will try, for a third time, to pass legislation approving recreational marijuana in the next session, which begins in January.

Four new states, including New Jersey, passed legalization measures on Election Day, which means New York is surrounded on three sides by states that have opened new markets, or will be opening one soon. Plus, a glance at the state’s enormous out-year budget gaps would make even faithful followers of Nancy Reagan’s "Just Say No" campaign reconsider their position.

There are estimates that legalizing recreational cannabis in New York could bring in $300 million in revenue, annually.

But don’t hold your breath.


New York Governor Indicates State Will Legalize Recreational Marijuana This Year

In an interview with WAMC Northeast Public Radio on Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that legalizing recreational marijuana in New York is very possible and could even happen soon.

"I think that this year [recreational legalization] is ripe because the state is going to be in desperate need of revenue."

He added, "I think the pressure is going to be on because we are going to need the money so badly, and you have such a [budget] gap now, I think it's going to be an easier conversation."


Cannabis shares hit session highs after Cuomo promises N.Y. legalization

Commodities Aphria shares climb after announcing US$300M deal for U.S. brewer

Shares of Canadian pot giant Aphria rose on Thursday, a day after the company announced plans to enter the U.S. market with the purchase of SweetWater Brewing for US$300 million in cash and stock. BNN Bloomberg's David George-Cosh has the details.

Cannabis companies rallied on Thursday, reversing a slump the day before, on renewed optimism over the lifting of restrictions on marijuana sales in five states this week.


The pandemic may be keeping cross-border traffic to a minimum, but weed seizures in 2020 are maxing out

There seems to be no stopping drug seizures, the majority being cannabis, at border crossings in New York state, with the amount of confiscated weed increasing more than 1,100 per cent in 2020 compared to 2019.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) figures from its annual report show that 3,456 pounds (1,568 kg) of cannabis was seized at the Buffalo Field Office in fiscal year 2019, a mere portion of the 41,688 pounds (18,909 kg) confiscated in fiscal 2020. The field office covers 16 ports of entry in the state of New York.


New York State Proposed Cannabinoid Hemp Regulations Released

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced yesterday the state’s Department of Health has filed proposed long-awaited regulations governing cannabinoid hemp products.

The State’s Cannabinoid Hemp Program will license cannabinoid hemp processors and retailers, and set quality control standards all products must adhere to.

“Establishing the State’s Cannabinoid Hemp Program to regulate production and sale of hemp and hemp extract will help protect both consumers and farmers,” said Governor Cuomo.


Massive raid takes out illegal mail order weed ring that supplied nine states

A massive raid involving hundreds of investigators and 27 simultaneous search warrants in nine communities in Washington State has taken down an illegal weed-mailing ring based out of Seattle.


Deficit could spark New York State to legalize recreational marijuana

For those in favor of recreational marijuana, money has always been an argument: estimates show that the state could bring in $300 million a year in taxes. 

Money appears to be one reason Gov. Andrew Cuomo reversed his own stance on the topic. When he came into office nearly a decade ago, he was opposed to legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Recently though, he remarked how legalization could be beneficial to the state. 

During a recent virtual event to promote is new book, and to which viewers paid $35 for the right to watch along with getting a copy, Cuomo said money from marijuana could really come in handy for for the state's growing fiscal crisis.


Cuomo advisor predicts New York will legalize pot in April

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s advisor on marijuana policy said this week the Empire State could legalize weed in April of next year with a bill that would serve as a model for other states looking to allow recreational pot in the United States.

Axel Bernabe, assistant counselor to Governor Cuomo, was a guest on the Under The Canopy series, recently launched by Canopy Growth, where he discussed cannabis legalization efforts in New York. According to Bernabe, a bill to legalize marijuana will be introduced through the state budget in January again, while he expects legalization to take effect by April. 


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