Second medical cannabis producer for The Netherlands

The Netherlands’ only approved medicinal cannabis producer may soon have company – and competition.

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS – Dutch Broadcast Foundation), which is part of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, reports the country’s Office for Medicinal Cannabis (BMC) wants to issue the second license.

Currently, only one company is authorised to produce medical cannabis products in the Netherlands – Bedrocan – and it’s had the distinction for 16 years.


Discover the barriers of accessing medical cannabis despite reform across Europe

Although regulatory reform has occurred across Europe, many patients still experience barriers regarding accessing medical cannabis, here Prohibition Partners explores further.

Prohibition Partners explains how legislation intended to improve availability of accessing medical cannabis for patients is being hindered by a lack of education in clinicians and regulators.


Holland’s half-baked attempt to return to the marijuana vanguard

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Holland was the world’s marijuana mecca. Under the quite sensible policy of gedogen (pragmatic tolerance), Dutch authorities didn’t quite legalize marijuana but instead effectively turned a blind eye, allowing licensed retail establishments — the famous coffeeshops — to sell five grams or less of marijuana, and to let their customers consume the products onsite despite prohibition remaining on the books.

A generation of stoners made the pilgrimage to Amsterdam, getting wrecked on hash and primo nederwiet (Dutch weed) and musing fuzzily about why their home countries couldn’t be as cool about cannabis as the Netherlands. That was then.


What countries are supplying the UK with medical marijuana?

In the last 20 years, Britain has become the world’s largest legal producer and exporter of medical marijuana – yet remains one of the most anti-cannabis countries in the world. Confused? Well, there’s no time to waste! As British red tape around cannabis regulation begins to loosen, this could be the dawning of a lucrative new industry that savvy investors need to be aware of.


Netherlands: 10 growers producing 10 types of weed

The Dutch government is to press ahead with experiments in regulated marijuana production involving 10 licenced growers, according to the detailed plans which were published on Thursday. The long-awaited experiment with regulated growing is supposed to remove the gray area between the sale of marijuana in council-licenced coffee shops and the illegal cultivation and supply.


A bunch of Dutch people smoked fake weed for science

Synthetic cannabinoids go by many names: fake weed, K2, spice, but no matter what you call it, there’s no hiding the fact that the name is woefully inaccurate, writes Jericho Knopp.

The drug, which is just a mix of chemicals sprayed on plant matter and then smoked, is similar to cannabis only in looks. In terms of the actual effects, the drug is much more dangerous than actual cannabis, and can lead to seizures and dissociation from reality.

However, there have been very few scientific studies to actually find out what the drug does to the body until now. A new study out of the Netherlands tested the effects of smoking the substance on 17 healthy volunteers.


Brits to be banned from Amsterdam's cannabis coffee shops post-Brexit

British nationals are set to be banned from Amsterdam’s cannabis cafés when Brexit is complete, according to city officials.

Europeans are permitted to purchase small quantities of cannabis at coffee shops in the Dutch city thanks to the EU’s freedom of movement laws. But now that Britain is leaving the EU that privilege is about to go up in smoke.


10 things you'll want to know about Europe's fast-growing marijuana market

You've probably heard plenty about the launch of the Canadian recreational marijuana market. And you are likely up to speed on the rapid expansion of legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana in the U.S. But how much do you know about marijuana markets in Europe?

Cannabis market research company Brightfield Group released its European CBD and Cannabis Market 2019 Report on Tuesday. This report analyzed the cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis markets in Europe and in key individual European countries. Here are 10 things you'll want to know about Europe's fast-growing marijuana market from Brightfield Group's new report. 


Medicinal cannabis users left high and dry by Dutch tolerance policy

‘I wish I could tell you that this was conventional – it isn’t,’ says Dutch-Israeli multiple sclerosis (MS) patient Anat Avissar Koren. Inhaling cannabis is one of the few things that helps relieve her chronic pain but socially, even in the Netherlands, it is not fully accepted.

‘The stigma is the horrible part for a patient,’ she says. But the low-percentage CBD oils she was offered on prescription were useless. ‘I have low absorption problems,’ she explains. ‘The oil doesn’t affect me at all.’

Figures from the National Drugs Monitor (2017) estimate that Anat is one of around half a million people in the Netherlands who use cannabis medicinally – the vast majority without a prescription – yet Dutch law-makers and prevailing attitudes have been slow to catch up.


The U.K. just got its first bulk medical cannabis shipment

The first bulk batch of medical cannabis imported into the U.K. since it was legalized for prescription last year has arrived from the Netherlands.


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