Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana Celebrate Ballot Success

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is celebrating after receiving confirmation its amendment will appear on the November ballot.


Nebraska MMJ Initiative Faces Legal Challenge Ahead of November Ballot

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen confirmed on Wednesday that a voter initiative that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana in the state had received enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.


Nebraska Medical Marijuana Initiative Qualifies for November 2020 Ballot

Nebraska voters will decide this November on a statewide ballot measure seeking to legalize and regulate medical marijuana access in the state.


Medical Marijuana Just One Step Away From Making Ballot In Nebraska

Legal cannabis supporters in Nebraska faced a pandemic and the task of collecting at least 122,000 signatures in a state not known for cutting-edge legislation on marijuana. But in the end, they did what they needed to do to get medical marijuana on the November ballot.

Actually, they did more than they needed to do. The group, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana, managed to collect a total of 182,000 signatures from voters who want the measure on the ballot. People signed from all 93 counties in the state.

Cannabis advocates hope Nebraska joins the ranks of other “middle of the country” states in approving medical marijuana, including Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.


7 States May Be Voting on Marijuana in November

Despite it being a crazy year, Americans can't lose sight of the fact that Election Day is a little over three months away. At stake are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, roughly a third of all seats in the Senate, and, of course, the Oval Office.

But it's an equally important election at the state level. No matter what happens federally, it's unlikely that marijuana's scheduling will be changed anytime soon. This means state-level cannabis legalizations will continue to play a major role in growing the U.S. pot industry.


Medical Marijuana Likely Heading to Nebraska Ballot this November

According to a news report from the Associated Press, Nebraska voters will likely get to vote this November on initiatives to legalize medical marijuana and casino gambling after advocates for both announced Thursday that they have enough signatures to put them on the November ballot.

According to the AP, organizers of the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana campaign said they’ve gathered 182,000 signatures. To qualify for the ballot, the campaign needed to turn in more than 121,000 valid signatures, representing more than 10% of the voters in the state. Campaign officials also needed to collect signatures from at least 5% of voters in at least 38 Nebraska counties.



Nebraska Medical Marijuana Petition Gathers 182,000 Signatures

It’s been a long time coming, but medical marijuana could finally appear on Nebraska’s ballot in November 2020.

Currently, there is no medical marijuana program of any type in Nebraska. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation, that may soon change.

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana reported last week it will deliver more than 182,000 signatures gathered across the state supporting a ballot initiative to enable patients access to medical marijuana as recommended by their physician or nurse practitioner.


Cannabis Activists In Arizona And Nebraska Set To File Legalization Petitions

Activists in Arizona plan to submit petitions this week that would put a proposal to legalize the recreational use of cannabis on the November ballot, while in Nebraska a similar drive to legalize medical marijuana is also winding down. 


How The Coronaviurs Has Negatively Impacted Marijuana Legalization

Without the ability to gather in person, marijuana reform efforts have stalled in multiple states across the country.


Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana partners with ADOPT, a statewide coalition that seeks to reduce property taxes by allowing medical cannabis in Nebraska

ADOPT (Adopt a Decrease in Oppressive Property Taxes), a newly-formed statewide coalition, announced today that it will partner with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana in an effort to grow the state's economy and reduce high property tax. Together they will work to support the November ballot measure to allow medical cannabis in Nebraska.

"Our campaign is excited to partner with ADOPT, which reflects a broad coalition of Nebraskans that support access to medical cannabis and recognizes the health and economic benefits of passing this initiative," said state Senator Anna Wishart from Lincoln who co-chairs Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. 


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