Nebraska Farmers Transition from Hops to Hemp

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Annette and Bruce Wiles are spending the snowy winter selling their hops equipment after six years of selling their fragrant flowers in the brewery supply chain. It was a good experience, Annette says now, and the learning curve has helped get them to where they want to be as the 2021 season opens: primed and ready for hemp cultivation.


Nebraska State Senator Introduces Recreational Marijuana Legalization Amendment

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A state senator introduced a proposed amendment to the Nebraska Constitution on Thursday that would legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older. If advanced by the Nebraska Legislature, the proposed amendment from state Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha would appear on the ballot in 2022.


New initiative to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Nebraska

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There’s a renewed push to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Nebraska, lawmakers say they plan to obtain 250,000 total signatures to get both medical initiatives on the ballot in 2022.

Nebraska voters are already weighing the pros and cons to both proposals.

“There's a negative propaganda about it and I think... people should look deeper into it,” said Nick Hancke. “There’s a positive aspect to it than what’s been said about it.”

“I think everything has its limitations,” said Princess Brown. “So as long as it’s not something that is going to be abused, which we all know people do that, I do think it would be beneficial.”


Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota

Even as historically conservative states have embraced legalization, reefer madness is alive and well in Nebraska.

At least with the state’s governor, Pete Ricketts, who on Tuesday once again sounded the alarm on something that a growing majority of the country is cool with.


'There's a lot of money to be made': Nebraska border town ponders recreational marijuana

It wasn't long Wednesday morning before Don Lantis had fielded three phone calls from people wanting to go into the marijuana dispensary business with him.

Lantis, the grand old man of fireworks in North Sioux City, is personally not fond of marijuana and has never used it. (He prefaced this several times by noting, "I'm 79 years old.") But it's impossible to deny the moneymaking potential of marijuana in North Sioux City, the same sort of opportunity that compelled his father to open Lantis Fireworks in the border town 75 years ago.

"There was money to be made there," Lantis said of his father's long-ago decision to sell fireworks directly across the border from Iowa where they were illegal.


Medical marijuana backers launch new campaign in Nebraska

Supporters of medical marijuana have launched a new campaign to place the issue before voters in a future year after the Nebraska Supreme Court blocked the measure from appearing on the general election ballot.

Campaign activists submitted new paperwork to the secretary of state's office with simpler ballot language, in hopes of stopping the kind of court challenge that kept this year's measure off the ballot.

Supporters said they also plan to introduce a bill in the 2021 legislative session, although previous efforts to do so have failed amid opposition from conservatives.


The Fight For Medical Cannabis In Nebraska Continues

Celebrations for medical cannabis access being added to Nebraska’s ballot in November turned out to be very short-lived. But the fight goes on.

There is no medical marijuana program in Nebraska currently and no other allowances for patients. That may have changed after the November election.


States plow forward with pot, with or without Congress

Roughly 1 in 3 Americans could have access to legal recreational marijuana if voters approve state ballot initiatives this November.

While a planned House vote on legalizing weed at the federal level is scheduled for later this month, the real action remains in the states. That’s because even if the House measure passes, there’s zero chance the Republican-controlled Senate will take up the bill, which would eliminate federal criminal penalties and erase some past marijuana convictions.


Nebraska Pulls Medical Marijuana Off 2020 Ballot

The Marijuana Policy Project announced that the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that the medical marijuana ballot initiative supported by Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana will not appear on the November 2020 ballot. The decision came in response to a lawsuit filed by opponents arguing that the measure violated the state’s single-subject rules.

The state isn’t considered a very large market as compared to other states. It was projected to have sales of roughly $30 million by 2024 by Canaccord analyst Bobby Burleson. Nebraska currently has 79 hemp farming licenses with 1,675 outdoor acres permitted for farming and 465,807 square feet of approved greenhouse space.


These 6 States Will Be Voting on Marijuana Legalization in Nov 2020

Regardless of the economic and health crises this year, the marijuana industry continues to be one of the quickest growing industries in United States.

Only a couple months remain until voters in numerous states will see medical and recreational cannabis legalization measures on their ballots. South Dakota will actually have a medical and a recreational legalization measure on its ballot.

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota have ballot initiatives that could legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older. Mississippi, Nebraska, and South Dakota have ballot initiatives that could establish medical marijuana programs.

These 6 states will be voting on cannabis legalization in November 2020:


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