Medical Marijuana United of Florida pulls support for Mississippi pot initiative

A Florida advocate of legalizing marijuana says a threat prompted him to withdraw his offer to pay supporters of Mississippi's petition drive to gather signatures on petitions for a statewide election.

Jeremy Bufford of Medical Marijuana United in Tampa, Florida, offered in April to pay $1 to $2 for each certified signature.

The Commercial Appeal reports that Bufford says in an email to Mississippi supporters that he decided to withdraw after consulting with law enforcement and attorneys. He did not describe the threat.

He did not immediately respond to an email Sunday from The Associated Press; the newspaper said he did not return its phone call.


To the Bitter End: The 9 States Where Marijuana Will Be Legalized Last

We know the end is coming, but pot prohibition is going to have to be undone state by state. Here are the ones least likely to jump on the bandwagon.

Marijuana prohibition in the US is dying, but it isn't going to vanish in one fell swoop. Even if Congress were to repeal federal pot prohibition, state laws criminalizing the plant and its users would still be in effect—at least in some states.

And it's probably a pretty safe bet that Congress isn’t going to act until a good number of states, maybe more than half, have already legalized it. That process is already underway and is likely to gather real momentum by the time election day 2016 is over.


Dewmar International BMC, Inc. and Hemp, Inc. Announces Official Launch of Hemp Infused Brownies

DENVER, April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTCPink: DEWM) ("Dewmar" or "Company") a leading provider of consumer brands and Hemp, Inc.


If Marijuana Is Medicine, Why Can't We Buy It in Pharmacies?

The popular explanation for medical marijuana dispensaries that have popped up in states from Washington to New York is that marijuana is a wonder drug — treating not just nausea and lack of appetite, but also pain, anxiety, epileptic seizures, and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.

The federal government refuses to allow people to use it, proponents say. 

The story, however, isn’t quite so simple.


DEA Wants To Triple Production Of Government Marijuana For Research

The Drug Enforcement Administration on Wednesday recommended that the federal government produce almost 900 pounds of marijuana for research in 2015, more than triple the amount it had estimated it would need.


Feds Seek To Increase Marijuana Production Quotas

For the second year in a row, federal officials are seeking to increase the supply of cannabis the government makes available for research protocols.

DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart filed paperwork today announcing that the agency is seeking to increase its marijuana production quota for the year 2015 by nearly three-fold.


Support growing for the legalization of marijuana in Mississippi

OXFORD, Miss. — Support is growing for the federal legalization of medical marijuana.

Legislation led in part by Congressman Steve Cohen is gaining traction with Republicans and Democrats cosponsoring the bipartisan act.

Tuesday WREG spoke with one woman, Kelly Jacobs, who is trying to take that effort a step further in Mississippi.

“I am trying to collect signatures on Ballot Initiative 48,” she said. “We are trying to regulate marijuana like alcohol because regulation works.”

Jacobs is trying to get enough signatures to land the issue of legalizing marijuana on the ballot in Mississippi.

“We need 110,000 by December 29. We have 4,200.”she said.


Native American marijuana … the next tribal gaming?

STARKVILLE – Let's take a little trip down memory lane as it relates to casino gaming in Mississippi.

Casino gaming was legalized in Mississippi in 1990 and was by 1992 open for business on the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River.

But Mississippi's gaming landscape – tied to the shores of the Gulf or the banks of the Mississippi by legislative intent – changed in 1992 when then-Gov. Kirk Fordice gave permission for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to develop a gaming enterprise under a gaming compact. The Silver Star Casino opened in 1994 and the Golden Moon Casino followed in 2002. By 2010, the MBCI had opened the Bok Homa Casino near Sandersville in Jones County.


Medical Marijuana: Who Will Win The Right To Run The Government’s Only Marijuana Farm?

The only federally-approved fields of marijuana in the United States are currently located on the U.S. government’s 12-acre marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi, which has supplied researchers with the drug since 1968. But a new contract to name the official operator of the farm, who will be tasked with growing pot for all the researchers who want to study it over the next five years, will be announced by the end of March. The government's exclusive contract with the University of Mississippi to grow legal cannabis expires on Sunday, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse could choose to move the farm elsewhere.


Mississippi Joins the Growing List of States Legalizing Crowdfunding

Late last year Delbert Hosemann, the Secretary of State of Mississippi, convened acrowdfunding study group to review the potential of allowing investment crowdfunding in their state.  According to an announcement lastFriday, Mississippi will be next on the list to legalize the new approach to capital formation.  Secretary Hosemann noted the extended delay by the SEC in finalizing rules has become a catalyst for Mississippi to push forward on its own.


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