Medical marijuana registration lags in Minnesota

Workers tend the cannabis crop at Minnesota Medical Solutions manufacturing facility in May. (Star Tribune photo by Glen Stubbe.)

Minnesota’s fledgling medical marijuana program is one of the least-used in the nation, after two months in business.

As of Friday, 460 patients were registered with the Health Department’s Office of Medical Cannabis and could legally buy marijuana in Minnesota. Those numbers have been inching steadily upward and Michelle Larson, head of the OMC, expects the expansion to continue.


Hospitals gear up for medical cannabis

Local hospitals are wrestling with one of the murkier aspects of Minnesota’s new medical cannabis law: how to appropriately handle the drug when it’s used by hospitalized patients.

WILLMAR, Minn. — Local hospitals are wrestling with one of the murkier aspects of Minnesota’s new medical cannabis law: how to appropriately handle the drug when it’s used by hospitalized patients.

An amendment to the law, approved this year, provided some clarity by allowing health care facilities to dispense and manage the drug for patients who are certified to use it.

But it has been left up to individual hospitals to decide whether they want to participate in the state’s medical cannabis program and, if so, how they will handle it.


Minnesota Medical Solutions Will Delay Opening More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There are a lot of lucrative opportunities in the marijuana industry. In a lot of areas cannabis entrepreneurs are doing very well in virtually all sectors of the industry. But there is a growing trend in some states where the opposite is happening, which is something that I have talked about a lot on this blog. As predicted, things are not going so well in ultra-strict medical marijuana states.


Public weighs in on adding new condition to Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program


ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis is holding its first of three public meetings in Rochester. The meetings are intended to answer any questions Minnesotans may have on the current state of the Medical Cannabis Program, as well as allow them to weigh in on the future.


Amelia Weaver's miraculous recovery on medical marijuana

When 18-month-old Amelia Weaver caught the flu, her mother took her to see the doctor. Amelia had her first seizure in the pediatrician’s office.

“Watching my baby have a seizure was the scariest experience of my life,” mother Angie recalls. At first, it seemed a one-time episode. A year passed. Three-year-old Amelia was walking, talking, learning her letters, and counting up to 20.

Late one morning, the Weavers woke up to silence from their daughter’s room. It was strange. Amelia would usually be their alarm clock. They found her in her crib, in the throes of another seizure. Four more would follow in quick succession as the Weavers rushed Amelia to the hospital.


The Next 12 States to Legalize Marijuana

1. Ohio - Ohio voters will decide Nov. 3 whether to legalize marijuana with a constitutional amendment to institute a revolutionary proposal that backers say will create a billion-dollar industry in the next four years.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said Wednesday the private investor group ResponsibleOhio had collected 320,267 signatures of registered Ohio voters, 14,676 more than necessary to qualify for the general-election ballot. ResponsibleOhio spent more than $2 million since March on the petition drive to put its proposed Marijuana Legalization Amendment before voters.


Minnesota man settles marijuana case, seeks legislative changes

NEW ULM — A man who was charged with three felonies for growing marijuana for his own medical use pleaded guilty to one count of possession of marijuana and will face no jail time and the conviction will be removed from his record when he completes probation.

Jon Hansen II, 33, was charged in February of 2014 after New Ulm Police, based on a tip, searched his home and found three ounces of marijuana and several plants being grown for Hansen’s personal use to treat his depression and anxiety.

One of Hansen's attorneys, Calvin P. Johnson of Mankato, said in a press release that Hansen is lobbying state lawmakers to remove marijuana as a Schedule I substance.


Patient enrollment inches upward for medical marijuana program

Five weeks into Minnesota's medical marijuana program, there are still more doctors than patients enrolled in the program -- but that could soon change.

As of Friday, 528 patients have been certified to legally treat their illnesses with cannabis pills or liquids, and 278 were fully enrolled in the program. The state has estimated that there are as many as 5,000 patients eligible and able to use the program, but many have struggled to find doctors willing to help them enroll.

To date, 345 doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners have registered with the state to enroll patients to participate in the program. Minnesota legalized medical marijuana on July 1 for certain patients, with certain medical conditions.


Minnesota marijuana patients slapped with an easily avoidable price hike

Now that Minnesota's medical marijuana patients have gotten a taste of its fabulous product, MinnMed is raising prices across the board.

Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of the state’s two medical weed manufacturers, has jacked up prices by 15-20 percent on all its products, forcing chronically ill patients to head back to the streets to treat their pain.


Minnesota medical marijuana producer expanding to New York

Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of two Minnesota medical marijuana producers, is expanding to the state of New York.

The company started sales earlier this month in Minnesota, and was one of five successful bidders to provide similar products in New York.

The New York branch, Empire State Health Solutions, will be run by the same Minnesota physician, Dr. Kyle Kingsley.

Kingsley said Empire State Health Solutions will be developing a growing and manufacturing operation in Perth, in central New York state.


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