Could Mexico soon be exporting marijuana to the U.S.?

If you think the marijuana industry is delivering incredible growth now, then you haven't seen anything yet. According to a report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, worldwide weed sales are slated to grow by 38% in 2019 to $12.8 billion, with investment firm Cowen Group projecting an even more aggressive surge in global sales to $75 billion by 2030.


Vicente Fox’s firm eyes Latin America as region opens to marijuana

Former Mexican president turned drug-legalization activist, Vicente Fox, sees a paradigm shift in Latin America as governments authorize marijuana use, embracing a drug that was once shunned.

Now, as markets open in a region of more than 640 million people, Fox wants the Canadian company he represents to supply the weed.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp., which Fox joined as a board member and adviser in 2018, is set to launch sales throughout Latin America this year, Fox said. The Vancouver-based company, which is already selling products in Colombia, will enter into a joint venture with Colorado-based Dixie Brands Inc. to market a line of medical products, using marijuana cultivated in four countries in the region. The deal is expected to be announced Wednesday.


New college class will examine how the media portrays marijuana

Several colleges and universities have recently begun offer classes revolving around marijuana. But usually these classes are about cultivation, business or medical value of cannabis. But one New Mexico university will teach students about marijuana's portrayal in the media, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Mexico on track to legal marijuana

Mexico’s current Congress is controlled in both houses by the Movimiento Regeneración Nacional—or National Regeneration Movement— (MORENA) party, a socially democratic party thatsupports “development through private and social business, promoting competition, but exercising State responsibility in the strategic activities which the Constitution states”. The party has plans and legislation on the table for the legalization of growing, selling, and using marijuana within the country.


Isodiol International Inc. provides update on Mexico operations and US farm bill

Isodiol International Inc. (CSE: ISOL) (OTCQB: ISOLF), would like to update shareholders on its operations in Mexico.


Mexico moves closer to legalizing cannabis

The party of the president-elect of Mexico submitted legislation earlier this week that would legalize the possession, growth, use and sale of cannabis.

If the legislation passes, it would be a major change to the laws currently in place in Mexico. Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero has been chosen to be the interior secretary by president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and said that prohibition has only contributed to poverty and violence within Mexico.

“Today, the nation has taken the decision to change,” she told Senators. “We don’t want more deaths. It will be a major contribution to bringing peace to our beloved country.”


Mexican Supreme Court declares prohibition of recreational cannabis unconstitutional

On Wednesday, Mexico’s Supreme Court established a legal precedent for the adult-use of marijuana, as they officially declared cannabis prohibition a violation of Mexicans’ constitutional rights.

The decisions send a clear message to the country’s Congress to create legislation for adult-use. Despite the news, Mexicans celebrated cautiously; unsure of how and when the legal victory will guarantee their rights to cultivate, sell, and consume.


Could Mexico follow Canada in legalizing recreational marijuana?

The country is studying the 'Uruguay model,' too.

When Canada moved to end marijuana prohibition nationwide, there was a belief the move would inspire more nations to step up and possibly implement similar reforms. The cannabis advocacy community had hoped that the United States would be the first to use the modification in drug policy as an excuse to usher in higher times across the Land of the Free.

However, Mexico is reportedly eyeballing the cannabis laws in Canada as a means for controlling the cartel violence that has, for the past several decades, turned the country into a gory scene that rivals any horror film.


Mexico’s relationship to cannabis leaves citizens uncertain about legalization

Despite the progress of recent years, Mexico still has a lot of work to do in regards to legalization. The world has watched the success of Canada’s Bill C-45 and the spread of cannabis regulation across 30 US states. From an outside perspective, it seems Mexico would be soon to follow. But for those living there, general access to dispensaries and regulated cannabis is murky. The country’s population continues to witness the highly publicized arrests of small-time marijuana producers and activists. TV audiences are pounded by hysteric anti-drug moralizing on the news. Despite the progress of recent years, true legalization of mexa-marijuana often seems like a pipe dream.


Data reveals US citizens frequently stopped at border for cannabis

Security at the US-Mexico border has been a political talking point for years, but it’s become an increasingly divisive issue in the age of Trump.

His contentious relationship with Mexico is frequently tied to the moment he announced his presidential bid back in 2015, when he infamously called Mexicans “rapists” and accused them of “bringing drugs and crime” into the United States.

That speech was a defining moment for then-candidate Trump, but it went without saying that his comments were rooted in several falsehoods. Now, new data is revealing just how much the president got wrong.


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