The Mexican Cannabis Market Is Shaping Up To Be A Major Global Player In 2021 And Beyond

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Mexico is one of the most exciting emerging cannabis markets in the world and we expect to see increased interest in the market from leading cannabis companies. A few months ago, we published an article on the Mexican cannabis market and received a lot of positive feedback from our readers.

After noticing the amount of interest in the Mexican cannabis market, we conducted due diligence on the operators that are focused on the emerging market. Based on our analysis, we determined that the market is wide open for companies to come in and grab market share and will monitor how the industry evolves over the next year.


Mexico’s New Medical Cannabis Rules Underscore The Need For Similar Reform In Costa Rica

After years of delay, Mexican authorities have finally released the rules that will regulate the production, distribution, and use of medical cannabis in the country.

Back in 2017, former Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, legalized the limited use of the substance for therapeutic purposes, but the legislation has since been in limbo as there were no regulations in place. In 2019, the Supreme Court had to interfere and mandated that the necessary legal framework for the new industry should be created.


Several Nations Could Legalize Adult Use Cannabis In 2021—Which Could Be Next?

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Last year came close to seeing two nations pass adult use cannabis laws. Ultimately, both efforts fell short. New Zealand saw its cannabis referendum rejected by voters in November, losing by a 51.1% to 48.8% margin. In Mexico, Congress was given its third extension to pass its law—pushing a decision into 2021. 

While disappointing, one of the two nations remains on the cusp of legalization, as is a country pivotal in the advancement of cannabis research and technology. Other nations could take action in 2021, although their prospects appear more likely to occur in the coming years. 


Medical Cannabis Is Fully Legal In Mexico: Now What?

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There is now a much clearer roadmap towards conducting legal cannabis-related activities in Mexico.

In our last post, we alerted you on the publication of the new Regulations on Sanitary Control for the Production, Research and Medical Use of Cannabis and Its Pharmacological Derivatives (the “Medical Regulations”). In this post, we provide an overview of what the Medical Regulations will address and what it potentially means to your business.


Cannabis For Medical Use Just Became Fully Legal In Mexico

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The Regulations will strike a strong blow against illegal cannabis activities in Mexico and propel Mexico as an exporter of cannabis products to markets to which it already sells medicines.


Which Country Will Legalize Cannabis Next?

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It may be hard to pinpoint the exact time when cannabis will be legalized worldwide, but it’s a safe bet that eventually, most, if not all of the planet, will end cannabis prohibition.

In theory, there could always be a limited amount of countries that stay on the wrong side of history for a very long time. However, most countries will presumably legalize at some point.

Cannabis prohibition is a failed public policy wherever it exists, and that, combined with the economic benefits of a vibrant cannabis industry, is going to influence lawmakers around the globe to step up and end prohibition in their jurisdictions.


Mexico May Legalize Cannabis in 2021: Here’s What It Means for You

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On December. 10th, The Mexico Supreme Court accepted a last-minute petition from the Lower House of Congress to postpone the vote on recreational cannabis legalization in the country, originally scheduled for December 15th. Mexican legislators now have until April 30th, 2021 to make “marihuana” legal south of the border.


Mexico's president says small 'mistakes' behind delay in landmark cannabis bill

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Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday blamed small draft errors for a delay in approving a new law that would legalize cannabis and effectively create one of the world’s largest weed markets.

The bill was due to be approved by Dec. 15, but it has been delayed to next year, with the Supreme Court setting a new deadline of April 30 for the law to be passed, according to local media.

Lopez Obrador said legislators requested a delay as time had run out before the current session in Congress ended this month, meaning there was not enough time to review the bill.


Mexico Could Legalize Marijuana in as Soon as a Few Weeks

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Pot’s now legal in Arizona. It’s also fully legal in three of the states that surround us: California, Nevada, and Colorado.

Utah allows medical, and so does New Mexico, which has also decriminalized the possession of small amounts of non-medical marijuana.

That leaves Arizona’s final neighbor, the one across the nation's border to the south: Mexico.

Lawmakers in the country have been working on marijuana reform since 2018, when Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to prohibit the possession and growing of marijuana and ordered Congress to amend the current law.

Now, it seems, a resolution is in sight.


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