Mexico’s Cannabis Legalization Bill Will Boost Business, But There Are Concerns

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If passed, the measure will improve Mexico’s living conditions while reducing drug trafficking crime. However, cannabis advocates and legal experts have several concerns.

Mexican Senators approved a historic adult use cannabis legalization bill on Nov. 19, with an 82 to 18 vote.

This doesn’t legalize adult use just yet, but Mexico appears well on its way to becoming the third nation to do so and potentially the largest legal marijuana market in the world.


Mexico decriminalizes the consumption of Cannabis

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MEXICO, teleSUR – The Mexican Senate passed on Thursday a law that legalizes the consumption of cannabis for adults. This controversial and largely debated decision aims at regulating the practice in the country.

The Federal Law for the Regularization of Cannabis decriminalizes consumption for people 18 years of age and up to 28 grams. If that amount is surpassed by up to 200 grams, there would be an administrative sanction and a fine of 11.000 Mexican pesos.

The Senate voted 82 in favor of the law, 18 against and seven abstentions. Lawmakers against the law raised fears that marihuana consumption could become a widespread practice, and the smell could reach children.


Mexico Takes a Step Toward Legalizing Marijuana

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Mexico is a step closer to becoming one of the world’s largest legal marijuana markets. Senators voted overwhelmingly Thursday to approve a marijuana legalization bill.

The bill’s next challenge is clearing the lower house of Congress. The legislation is supported by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party, which holds a majority in both chambers of Congress.

The legislation would become law only if it’s signed by Lopez Obrador, who has not spoken openly about his position on legalizing marijuana.

The movement to decriminalize marijuana in Mexico comes after lawmakers approved its use for medicinal purposes last year, and the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 recreational marijuana should be allowed.


Mexico's Cannabis Legalization Addresses Several National Woes, While Creating Opportunity

After several extended deadline extensions, Mexican lawmakers seem on course to legalize adult-use cannabis in the coming weeks.

The most recent indication comes from MORENA Senate majority leader Ricardo Monreal, who says the bill would pass by the end of October and before the Dec. 15 deadline.

Projections expect Mexico to be the most lucrative legalized market, bolstering the nation's economy.

Passing adult-use legislation is also expected to diminish the cartels' long-running, lucrative narcotics arm. That's just one of many benefits Mexico hopes to gain from expanding cannabis access.


Will Mexico Become Biggest Legal Cannabis Market?

Uruguay started it as the first country to go cannabis legal. Canada was the second country to fall. While the US takes its time with infighting between parties and factions, Mexico is ready to sweep in and steal the show, poised to become the biggest legal cannabis market to date.

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Mexico's Senate To Vote On Legalizing Marijuana By The End Of October

The Mexican Senate will likely vote on a bill to legalize marijuana within the next two weeks, the chamber's majority leader recently said.

Activists have been eagerly awaiting action on the reform legislation since the Supreme Court deemed personal possession and cultivation of cannabis unconstitutional in 2018—though some are pushing for a greater emphasis on social equity before lawmakers pass the pending bill in its current form.


Clock is ticking as Mexico approaches deadline to legalize cannabis

Time is running out to make cannabis legalization a reality in Mexico.

Two years ago, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the ban on adult-use, recreational cannabis was unconstitutional. Mexican lawmakers were given a one-year deadline, until October 2019, to amend the country’s regulations.

They not only missed that deadline, they then missed the rescheduled deadline of April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, with a Dec. 15 deadline looming, lawmakers have just 61 days to pass a cannabis bill and there are still more questions than answers about what Mexico’s approach to legalization will look like.


Mexico Is Quietly On The Edge Of Nation Wide Cannabis Legalization

Mexico is one of the most exciting emerging cannabis markets in the world and we believe that the market is nearing an inflection point. Recently, we came across studies that highlighted the potential of the Mexican cannabis market and this is an opportunity that we are excited about over the long-term.w


How Legalizing Marijuana Could Impact Mexico's Tourism

Stock up on the Pringles and the candy bars – Mexico is on the verge of legalizing the recreational use and commercialization of marijuana.

In a story published on Friday, Ricardo Monreal, leader of the ruling Morena party in the Senate, told Reuters News Service that he expected a law legalizing the recreational use of pot and allowing regulated private companies to sell it to be approved before December.

Monreal added that the ruling party, which leads a coalition with a majority in both houses of Congress, is unlikely to have problems passing the law which he said would make it legal to carry a “certain amount” of marijuana.


Cannabis Is Coming! The Latest On Colombia And Mexico

Columbia lawmakers say the regulated sales of cannabis could help counteract the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many of our readers will know, the U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on nationwide decriminalization of marijuana this month under the MORE Act. If legislators in Colombia and Mexico have their way, the House’s counterparts in two important Latin American economies could be following its steps.


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