Synthetic marijuana found in CBD products across multiple States

CBD edibles and vapes spiked with a variety of synthetic marijuana compounds have found their way to consumers in Louisiana, Maryland and nearly a dozen other states, according to a nationwide Associated Press investigation into unregulated cannabidiol products. Synthetic marijuana, often marketed as K2 or Spice, has been linked to mass hospitalizations and other health emergencies across the U.S. and Europe.


After one month, how are Louisiana’s medical marijuana patients doing?

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - When medical marijuana became available on Aug. 6, Alex Domino said he had no expectations. For him, the medicine was simply a remedy for a myriad of serious ailments that he had not tried.

One month later, 70-year-old Domino says marijuana has changed his outlook on life.

“Hey man, I can make 94 now,” he chuckled. “I don’t have to work as hard to keep myself calm.”

Domino was the first patient to receive medical marijuana in Louisiana. He complained then about sleepless nights and anxiety, both lingering side effects from his bout with serious colon cancer.


Louisiana medical cannabis program 5,000 strong so far

Louisiana pharmacies aren’t reporting marijuana shortages or other problems two weeks after patients began receiving the drug for medical use.

Those were the reports Monday from state regulatory officials at a meeting to update therapeutic cannabis supporters about the progress of Louisiana’s program.

John Davis is the leader of GB Sciences Louisiana, one of two state-sanctioned medical marijuana growers. Davis told the panel Louisiana has about 5,000 medical marijuana patients so far.

Louisiana became the first Deep South state to dispense medical marijuana on Aug. 6, four years after state lawmakers agreed to give patients access to therapeutic cannabis.


Medical marijuana finally available to Louisiana patients after years of waiting

Consumers in Louisiana can now legally purchase medical marijuana after the state became the first in the Deep South to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

Nine pharmacies across the state are licensed to dispense medical cannabis, a majority of which will open this week, following four years of regulatory hurdles. The only pharmacy in the New Orleans region, H&W Drug Store, will not open until August 12. 


Louisiana could have medical cannabis on shelves by next week

Patients in Louisiana could see medical cannabis products on dispensary store shelves as soon as next week, according to an announcement from state regulators on Monday. Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) Commissioner Mike Strain said in a press release that the initial batch of cannabis oil formulations had been received from GB Sciences of Louisiana for laboratory analyses by the agency.

“Once testing is completed and the product passes for homogeneity, potency and is deemed free of contaminants, it will be ready for distribution,” said Strain.


Louisiana’s Southern University plants first medical cannabis seeds

The first seeds of Southern University’s future medical cannabis crop have been planted, while Louisiana State University’s product is approaching prime time.

Louisiana State University and Southern University are the only institutions in the state permitted to grow medical cannabis. Both have teamed up with commercial partners in their cannabis ventures; GB Sciences in the case of LSU and Ilera Holistic Healthcare with Southern University.


Louisiana Governor signs Herbal Cannabis Access Bill

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed legislation into law permitting licensed dispensaries to provide herbal formulations of cannabis to qualified patients.

House Bill 358 permits patients to obtain “medical marijuana in a form to be administered in a metered-dose inhaler.” The new law takes effect on August 1, 2019.


Experts skeptical of Louisiana woman’s deadly weed overdose

A Louisiana woman appears to be the first person on record whose death has been ruled a marijuana overdose — but some medical experts are skeptical that was the true cause.

The 39-year-old woman was found slumped on her couch dead in her La Place apartment in February, but an autopsy found she had healthy organs, no illnesses, and no elevated traces of alcohol or other drugs in her body — but high levels of THC, the active ingredient in pot.


Medical marijuana inhalation Bill revived, passed by Louisiana Senate

Louisiana senators have revived a proposal to let Louisiana’s medical marijuana patients inhale cannabis, only two days after rejecting the idea.

The House overwhelmingly agreed to the inhalation proposal by Baton Rouge Democratic Rep. Ted James, which would let therapeutic cannabis patients use an inhaler, like asthma patients use.

Baton Rouge Republican Sen. Dan Claitor and other senators Saturday objected to widening the delivery methods beyond current law and shelved the bill.


‘False positives’ drug testing scandal emerges in New Orleans

By the standards of the rest of Louisiana, New Orleans is a fairly liberal place. But judges in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court may be punishing people — with fines, increased bonds or even jail time — based on a flawed drug testing program, according to a new report by a local watchdog group.


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