Southern Blight Hammering Louisiana Industrial Hemp Crop

The first (legal) industrial hemp crop to be planted in the U.S. state of Louisiana in modern times is being severely impacted by a fungal disease.

What was one the USA’s hemp holdout states finally jumped on the nation’s industrial hemp revival bandwagon in June last year when Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed off on legislation recognising the crop as an agricultural commodity and authorising its cultivation, processing, and transportation.


More states allowing telehealth consults for cannabis authorization

Until recently, the term “telehealth” was known in the medical community, but not the cannabis community.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak sent the country into lockdown, medical marijuana users in many states can now check in with a health care provider by video for authorization, rather than an in-person meeting.

According to MPP.org, 31 states currently allow telemedicine for cannabis patients – 11 of which have temporarily altered their laws as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.


The Deep South’s Gradual Evolution on Cannabis

Marijuana often demonstrates the ability to win over even the most conservative of individuals. That said, winning over the hearts and minds of America’s vast regions isn’t complete until cannabis endears itself to the nation’s most conservative citizens and lawmakers in the southeast. 

Recent activity indicates that it may just be happening.

Commonly known as the Deep South, the region is the Bible Belt’s shiny, conservative buckle. It’s where conservative viewpoints almost always win out. There, progressive agendas like cannabis reform often face an uphill battle that rivals that of Sisyphus. 


Louisiana Widening Access To Medical Marijuana Under New Law

More Louisiana residents will have access to medical marijuana under a significant expansion of the state’s therapeutic cannabis program that was signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards.


Louisiana: Governor Signs Bills Into Law Facilitating Expanded Cannabis Access for Patients

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed a series of bills into law greatly expanding patients’ ability to access medical cannabis products.


Louisiana: Senate Passes Amended Bill Permitting Doctors to Recommend Medical Cannabis for “Any Condition”

Senators on Wednesday passed legislation to significantly expand the pool of patients eligible to qualify for medical cannabis access.


3 House Bills Put Marijuana Laws In Perspective

Legislators have been busy with marijuana laws across the country. Here’s a recap, in case you missed it.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, numerous changes occur at the state and federal levels — often in a short amount of time.

Here’s a look at the latest legislation news to come out of the U.S. House of Representatives.


On Sunday, the Minnesota Senate voted to eliminate the previously passed provision that allowed medical marijuana patients to buy raw and whole-plant forms of cannabis.

Since the endorsement of medicinal cannabis in Minnesota, sales of the flower are not allowed. Only the sale of extracts is supported, undermining the rights of marijuana users.


Louisiana House votes to expand medical marijuana program

Friday was a busy day at the Louisiana House of Representatives, though most of the bills lawmakers sent to the state Senate were approved without controversy.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the vigorous debate on the subject during past sessions, a measure to expand the state’s medical marijuana program was swiftly approved by a 76-15 vote. House Bill 819 by Rep. Larry Bagley, a Stonewall Republican, adds nine conditions for which doctors can recommend medical marijuana products; Louisiana’s program does not include raw marijuana that can be smoked.


Louisiana State Congress Considering Two New Medical Marijuana Bills

Louisiana lawmakers advanced a pair of bills on Thursday that would significantly expand the state’s medical marijuana program.

The separate legislation was passed out of a Louisiana state House committee will now   head to the full House chamber for a debate and vote. One bill aims to broaden the potential pool of eligible medical cannabis patients by permitting a physician to prescribe such a treatment to someone suffering from what the doctor “considers debilitating.” 


Michigan is smoking more marijuana than any other state during coronavirus pandemic, survey says

Quarantine caused by the global outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing people across the world to find ways to entertain themselves.

In Michigan, people are lighting up.

According to a Twitter survey conducted by the health blog bodynutrition.org, Michigan residents are smoking marijuana more than any other state during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Analysts used trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data to arrive at the conclusion.


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