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Ganja on a new high - Jamaican researcher welcomes CNN's celebrity doctor's late endorsement of medicinal properties of the weed

Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer

Jamaican scientist Dr Henry Lowe has welcomed the decision by celebrity doctor and chief medical correspondent of the Cable News Network (CNN), Sanjay Gupta, to join those endorsing the medical properties of ganja.

Gupta, who was President Barack Obama's pick for Surgeon General, previously strongly opposed the use of ganja for any reason.

But he recently admitted that he has been part of those misleading individuals on the medical uses of the weed.

"Gupta has seen the light and although his apology is late, it is welcomed," said Lowe in an interview with The Sunday Gleaner.


Legalise ganja for medicinal purpose, says Brown Burke

DEPUTY PRESIDENT of the Senate, Angela Brown Burke, says the country should legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons.

Brown Burke, contributing to a debate on plant genetics in the Senate on Friday, said Cannabis sativa, or marijuana, represents a worthwhile economic opportunity that the country should seek to tap.

Brown Burke expressed the hope that very soon the list of products covered by plant genetic resources for food and agriculture treaty would be expanded by the research and work of Jamaicans and that cannabis could be added.


Wonder drugs from ganja - Britain approves cannabis-based medicine

NEW DEVELOPMENTS in the production of legal drugs from marijuana in Britain has put the spotlight on the potential of ganja as a source of legitimate earnings here.

In a recent article in The Economist, it was disclosed that victims of multiple sclerosis (MS) since June 21 this year can legally purchase a marijuana-based medicine known as Sativex in Britain to alleviate the excruciating pain and spasms associated with their condition.


It's time to decriminalise ganja

1. Unlike alcohol and tobacco which are legal substances, ganja is illegal in Jamaica. Under the Dangerous Drugs Act, any person who possesses or uses ganja is guilty of an offence and, on convection, shall be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment, or both.

In addition, this person has a criminal record. The sale, purchase, possession, cultivation, trafficking and exportation of ganja are illegal in Jamaica. I am not calling for the use of ganja to be made legal in Jamaica; what I am calling for is the decriminalisation of ganja.


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