Jamaica’s Emerging Cannabis Industry Hit Hard By Natural Disasters

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When someone is asked which country they think has the best cannabis, Jamaica will likely be mentioned more often than not.

No other nation is as associated with the cannabis plant as Jamaica.

Cannabis is a huge part of Jamaican culture and society, and as of lately, a growing legal industry.

For many years, Jamaica’s cannabis industry was entirely unregulated, although prohibition was loosely regulated. 

That changed recently, and Jamaica is now home to an emerging legal medical cannabis industry.

Entrepreneurs have tried to keep the legal supply steady, but mother nature is making it hard.


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Jamaica’s Medical Cannabis Industry Held Back By Jittery Bankers

Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is striving to resolve banking issues impacting the country’s fledgling medical cannabis industry.

It seems many banks in the country are balking at funding medical cannabis operations out of concerns for their relationships with banks in the USA; where cannabusinesses also still struggle with securing financial services.

A meeting was recently held with Jamaican banks to discuss the matter.

“We had a meeting with a major stakeholder in the industry and we have been having meetings with persons who are making the various different proposals on how we deal with this correspondent banking issue,” said  State Minister, Dr. the Hon. Norman Dunn. “It is a real issue; it is a real concern”.


A budding product: Jamaica cannabis dispensary touts 'world class' experience

High-end cannabis has made its way to Jamaica's west coast, although that's not new news to anyone familiar with the destination.

Hedonism II, the iconic adults-only playground -- a clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly, party-hardy resort in Negril -- opened its newest guest amenity earlier this summer.

HedoWeedo is its medicinal marijuana dispensary located within the resort although is independently owned and operated and not part of Hedonism's all-inclusive experience.


Jamaica's first resort-based medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in Negril

The first resort-based medicinal cannabis dispensary in Jamaica, HedoWeedo, has opened in Negril with high-end cannabis making its way to the island's west coast.

HedoWeedo, which is independently owned and operated, is located within the Hedonism II resort, but not part of the all-inclusive experience. Hedonism II, a pioneer in Jamaica's hospitality industry, says it is thrilled to welcome HedoWeedo within its locale.

Curated by the longest-running dispensary on Denver's famous Green Mile, HedoWeedo specialises in high-end craft cannabis with products ranging from joints to flowers to oils, all locally cultivated by licensed farmers.


WHO cannabis rescheduling and its relevance for the Caribbean

Following its first-ever critical review of cannabis, in January 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a collection of formal recommendations to reschedule cannabis and cannabis-related substances. 53 member states of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), two of which are Caribbean states, are set to vote on these recommendations in December 2020.


Jamaica becomes first country in the Caribbean to launch cannabis standards

The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has developed and established seven standards for adaptation, which will provide guidelines and safeguards to protect consumers as well as assist companies with positioning their cannabis operations for the export market.

The BSJ, an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, developed the standards as part of efforts to strengthen and support the cannabis industry in Jamaica.


Jamaica To Allow Online Medical Cannabis Sales

Jamaica has a very long history with the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a big part of the culture in Jamaica, is used for religious purposes throughout the country, and grows very well there.

Some of the best cannabis on the planet is cultivated in Jamaica, and the island nation is home to an emerging medical cannabis industry.

Adult-use cannabis remains illegal in Jamaica; however, a growing number of suffering patients are able to find relief through Jamaica’s medical cannabis program.

Soon, patients in Jamaica will be able to purchase cannabis in a new way that harnesses technology.


What Does The Future Hold For Jamaica's Cannabis Industry?

Jamaica, an island nation most consider extremely cannabis-friendly, has experienced difficulties with its legal cannabis industry. New marijuana export regulations were under consideration just as the coronavirus pandemic hit. The coronavirus has delayed those new regulations, which were due in April. This delay may have caused some investors to pull out of the market.


Legalized Religiously – How Rastafari Tradition Is Helping Ease Cannabis Regulation in the Caribbean

Throughout history, cannabis has established itself as a popular recreational tool and powerful medicine, used in these ways worldwide according to local culture. For the Rastafari, though, it’s also a part of their religious tradition. As cannabis laws are reassessed globally, the push for religious freedom has helped loosen regulation for the Caribbean communities.


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