Idaho: Tribe plans to move ahead with hemp cultivation

The Nez Perce Tribe is moving forward with plans to cultivate industrial hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill.

The tribe is seeking comments by Oct. 23 on its proposed amendment to the Nez Perce Tribal Code regarding the cultivation, processing and distribution of industrial hemp on the Nez Perce Reservation.

The hemp ordinance will provide a regulatory framework for safe and legal production of industrial hemp on the reservation. The ordinance’s approval must be completed in coordination with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The USDA must approve the tribe’s plan for the production of hemp, under a national regulatory framework for hemp production established in the 2018 Farm Bill.


Idahoans' support for medical marijuana has grown, but it might not be reflected in the Legislature

Ten years ago, when Bill Esbensen first began working with activists to push for some form of legal marijuana in Idaho, someone threatened to beat him up for it.

He was at a Willie Nelson concert in Boise, trying to collect signatures to get an initiative to legalize marijuana on the ballot. As he remembered it, the man who wanted to attack him for collecting signatures was probably older than 80.

“That was the attitude of people back then,” he said.


Marijuana Legalization Still Has a Chance in Idaho

Marijuana legalization in Idaho had to bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown forced the state to suspend its medical marijuana campaign. The group responsible for the campaign, the ICC (or the Idaho Cannabis Coalition), failed to collect the required signatures before the May 1 deadline. However, a recent federal court ruling for a separate initiative in the state might have sparked some hopes.


Idaho Suspends Marijuana Legalization amid Coronavirus

Marijuana legalization efforts seem to be struggling in the US amid the coronavirus outbreak. In 2020, many US states planned to put legalization proposals on the November ballot. However, many states have canceled public gatherings and large events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Malls, stores, and other public places have shut down. As a result, marijuana activists struggle to gather signatures for their campaigns. Idaho has suspended its marijuana legalization campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Startup pivots from roadside THC tests to focus on COVID-19

An Idaho company is planning to pivot away from roadside cannabis testing to COVID-19 diagnostics. 

KTVB is reporting that Facible, a Boise-based startup that has been developing testing equipment to trace the amounts of CBD and THC in plants, is now focusing on coronavirus with tests that could be completed within minutes. 

With tests in short supply, Steven Burden, CEO of Facible, said that the tests are “different from anything else on the market right now in terms of how fast it is and how accurate it is.”


Idaho House Lawmakers Kill Hemp Legalization Bill

Lawmakers in an Idaho House of Representatives legislative committee voted against a bill that would have legalized hemp agriculture in the state. The 8 to 7 vote by the House State Affairs Committee killed the measure, SB 1345, that was passed by the Idaho Senate with a vote of 27 to 5 in February.

Had the bill succeeded, farmers in Idaho would have been able to grow hemp, which was legalized by the federal government with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The measure also directed the Idaho Department of Agriculture to develop a plan for the permitting, testing, and transportation of the crop in the state.


Divided America: 34 Percent Of U.S. States Still Don't Allow Medical Marijuana

Millions of Americans now have access to medical marijuana. But millions more do not, and attempts to change that have hit a brick wall in some states. Medical marijuana is inaccessible to 34 percent of the states in the country and remains illegal on a federal level.

This fact is a fly in the face of national sentiment. Based on the most recent nationwide survey by Gallup, 66 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana.


The Complex Issue of Cannabis Business On Tribal Land

Throughout history, cannabis was regulated by federal law on reservations, so it was generally illegal. But after the 2013 Cole Memo, the topic of cannabis on tribal land and how it ties into the tribe’s government autonomy became increasingly prevalent.


Idaho Industrial hemp gets long-awaited push from legislature

A proposal to create a plan for regulating industrial hemp in Idaho will move to the full Senate floor for a vote after farmers turned out in support at a legislative committee meeting Feb. 20. 

Senate Bill 1345, by Sen. Abby Lee (R-Fruitland) and co-sponsored by Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy (R-Genesee), would lay the groundwork for the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to develop a state plan for regulating industrial hemp, a close relative of marijuana that does not produce a high and has multiple uses as an agricultural commodity, including food products and fiber.


Legislation to legalize hemp in Idaho introduced in Senate

Growing hemp would be legal in Idaho under proposed legislation introduced Tuesday.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee voted to clear the way for a hearing on the bill brought forward by Republican Rep. Dorothy Moon.

The legislation aims to align state law with federal law contained in the 2018 Farm Bill. It would change Idaho law to allow the growing and selling of hemp products containing 0.3% or less of THC, the cannabis compound that gives marijuana its high.

Moon said the legislation has an emergency clause that would allow Idaho farmers to grow hemp this year if signed into law.


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