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Lawsuit claims Georgia medical marijuana licenses clouded by back room deals

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A medical marijuana company has filed a lawsuit against the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission alleging the evaluations and scoring of medical cannabis bid applications was clouded by "conflicts of interest" and licenses were "bought and sold through closed door politics and back room deals."

"If there is no wrong doing or corruption, then why not turn these applications, evaluation sheets, etc. over to the public," said Cumberland Curative President Charlie Arnold.

Arnold believes his company was cheated out of an honest chance to win one of the first ever licenses to legally grow and produce medical marijuana in Georgia.


Georgia Senate almost voted on cannabis product without realizing it


“It slipped by me,” said senator about bill legalizing Delta-8 THC

An unlikely Senate duo — a conservative South Georgia farmer running for higher office and a liberal Atlanta preacher — have teamed up to help cannabis farmers with a bill allowing more hemp products in a state where marijuana remains illegal.

Few people initially noticed their bill would have authorized a hemp derivative called Delta-8 THC, a product already sold in stores that gives users a recreational high. Retailers are selling Delta-8 under a federal hemp law that doesn’t specifically ban it.

The Georgia bill got as far as the floor of the state Senate before opponents killed it.


Competing Georgia medical marijuana production bills advance


Lawmakers tried to revive Georgia’s stalled medical marijuana program Tuesday, advancing different bills through the state House and Senate that aim to issue licenses for businesses to manufacture and sell the medicine.

Both measures attempt to jump-start cannabis oil production following delays since a state commission announced plans last summer to award licenses to six companies. Protests by 16 losing companies alleged the process was unfair, creating a bureaucratic deadlock that still hasn’t been resolved.

Georgia has allowed doctor-approved patients to consume cannabis oil since 2015, but there’s still no way for them to legally buy it.


Ex-Postal Service supervisor, Georgia man faces federal prison for stealing marijuana package


BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WRBL) — One Georgia man, U.S. Postal Service worker faces time in federal prison after admitting to stealing marijuana from a package.

Howard Kerns, 53, of Dearing, Ga., was sentenced to two months in prison paired with two years of supervised release. This comes after Kerns pleaded guilty to Theft of Mail Matter by a Postal Employee.

Kerns was terminated from the U.S. Postal Service.

David H. Estes, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia shared this is a felony crime and spoke on the integrity lost in the U.S. mail system in a news release.


Doraville temporarily nips medical marijuana dispensaries in the bud

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In anticipation of medical marijuana dispensaries coming to town, Doraville issued a temporary ban on the newly legal industry to give city leaders time to decide how they’d like to regulate it.

The City Council unanimously voted Monday to issue a 90-day moratorium on businesses that sell medical cannabis, including THC oil and products. While there’s no current businesses focused on selling these products in Doraville, City Attorney Cecil McLendon said he’s heard there is interest in the metro Atlanta market.


Vegan Based CBD Company Ready to take the Industry by Storm

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Hempoholic LLC is not your average CBD company. Hempoholic was founded by husband and wife power couple Jason Gathing, M.Ed. and psychiatrist Ayo Gathing, M.D. to shake up the industry. Their mission is to provide education on the benefits of CBD, sell high quality vegan hemp based CBD products, as well as empower traditionally excluded populations to break into this exclusive business area.


Gwinnett weighs decriminalizing possession of marijuana, but postpones vote

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Gwinnett County officials held off Tuesday on formally reducing the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. County officials are discussing a change to the county’s ordinance that could carry no jail time and lower fines for anyone caught with an ounce or less of the drug. But the Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to table a vote on the amendment until their Nov. 2 meeting. State law dictates that anyone found in possession of an ounce or less of marijuana can face up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine or a year’s worth of community service. The proposed ordinance rewrite would cap fines at $150 and community service at 20 hours for anyone found guilty.


Alpharetta wants to restrict where medical marijuana oil can be produced, sold

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In response to a Georgia law allowing medical marijuana production and sales, Alpharetta plans to limit where dispensaries and facilities can operate in their city.


County police issue advisory over marijuana laced with fentanyl

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Concerns over a potentially dangerous blend of marijuana laced with the powerful narcotic fentanyl has prompted Glynn County Police to urge local pot smokers to destroy their stash.

County police narcotics officers report operations this week “have resulted in seizures of cannabis/marijuana laced with the highly addictive opioid Fentanyl,” the department said in a public health advisory issued Thursday afternoon. Fentanyl often contributes to drug overdoses when dealers lace it into other street drugs, typically heroin.


Medical marijuana facility receives approval to open in Louisville

Medical marijuana company TheraTrue received approval to open a new facility just days ago, and now they have big plans for Louisville. The company plans to turn an old factory into a brand new medical marijuana growing facility. TheraTrue says they have $50 million dollars in funding commitments for their facilities slated in Virginia and Georgia. 

They received a class two license which will allow them to open a 50,000 square foot facility. 


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