French Health Minister: Botched Drug Trial Causing “Brain Death” Had Nothing to Do With Cannabis

Although a number of media reports have suggested that an experimental cannabis-based painkiller is what caused a “serious accident” during a clinical drug trial this week in France, leaving one person brain-dead and hospitalizing at least five others, the nation’s health ministry has confirmed that the tragedy was not the result of a medication containing cannabinoids.


What we know so far about the clinical trial disaster in France

One person is brain-dead and five more have been hospitalized after a phase I clinical trial in France went horribly wrong. At least three of the patients may suffer irreversible brain damage if they survive, a doctor treating them said today.

The patients were previously healthy volunteers who participated in a study, conducted by Biotrial, a private company in the city of Rennes, to test the tolerability of a candidate drug. French officials haven't announced which drug, and it's not yet clear why many others who participated in the study since it began in July apparently haven’t experienced similarly severe side-effects.


Six in hospital after French pain relief drug trial goes wrong

Six people have been hospitalised after a drug trial went terribly wrong at the Pontchaillou Hospital in Rennes in France. One has been declared brain-dead, and four others are in critical condition. Ninety participants in the trial have been asked to contact the hospital.

According to preliminary reports, the trial was of a drug aimed at inhibiting the brain enzyme that degrades endogenous cannabinoids, chemicals produced naturally by the brain that resemble the active compounds in cannabis.


A cannabis trial has left one brain dead and five ill

A clinical trial involving a cannabis-based painkiller has gone seriously wrong in France, leaving one man brain-dead and five others seriously injured. The French media is reporting that the trial took place at the Biotrial clinic, in Rennes in Brittany. Health Minister Marisol Touriane is currently speaking at a press conference on the unfolding situation, but has already stated that “a serious accident took place” and that all subsequent tests have been halted. 


A Tonne of Cannabis Hidden in Barrels of Olives at the Spanish Border

The truck was intercepted as they leave Andalusia …

A tonne of cannabis resin was seized on Monday in Biriatou (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), near the Spanish border, hidden in barrels of olives  on a lorry registered in Spain, it has been reported on Wednesday by Customs officials.

Customs officers intercepted the truck on Monday afternoon, when he came from Andalusia and was carrying 93 barrels of olives  to the Netherlands.

“After canvassing several tons, customs encounter resistance at one of the barrels.Under the  olives, they discovered clear bags containing herbal cannabis and cannabis resin bales, “said the General Directorate of Customs in a statement.


Medical marijuana gains more steam internationally after gaining legalization in Colombia

lombia on Tuesday became the latest in a growing number of nations around the world to legalize the use of cannabis for medical reasons.

However the rules vary widely across continents, with some countries permitting cannabis cultivation and others only allowing pharmaceuticals extracted from the drug.


A state of play:


– COLOMBIA: President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree Tuesday making it fully legal to grow, process, import and export cannabis and its derivatives for medical and scientific use.


Marie Brizard unleashes "rebellious" cannabis flavoured vodka

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits has launched a premium cannabis-flavoured vodka in travel retail. 

Shotka was highlighted by Marie Brizard at last month’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes and is aimed at night clubbing fans aged from 18 to 28. The spirit, according to Marie Brizard, does not have the narcotic effects of the drug (also known as marijuana) but “stands out with its unique and unexpected taste”. 


France’s Homegrown Cannabis Culture

After decades of being treated as a sin, cannabis is becoming more mainstream in France.


France: Illicit drug market generates € 2.3 billion in annual sales

In France, the drug market generates an annual sales of € 2.3 billion, equal to 0.117% of GDP, which means that each person spends an average of € 36 for illicit substances. This huge business is dominated by two leading products – marijuana and cocaine – which together account for over 85% of total sales. With a turnover estimated at 55 million, synthetic drugs (MDMA and amphetamines) have, however, the fourth place behind heroin. In contrast to the success they have in other European countries like the Czech Republic,the market of these substances appears to be relatively marginal in France.


French customs seizes €20 million in cannabis hash

French customs seized 7.1 tonnes of marijuana hashish worth about €20 million from vehicles parked in the chic 16th arrondissement (district) of Paris on Sunday in one of the biggest drug busts in France of the past two years.

A source close to the investigation told BFMTV that the overnight seizure followed several weeks of inquiry by the National Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (DNRED).

No one has been arrested in connection with the case and the investigation is ongoing.


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