The country's longest-serving inmate for marijuana crimes will be released early

The man described as the longest-serving inmate for marijuana crimes in the country will be out of a South Florida prison before Christmas.

Richard DeLisi


Florida: Military Veteran Fired For Medical Marijuana Use

Cannabis was the clear winner in the highly competitive 2020 Election, as five states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana.

Finally, it seems as if the country is starting to realize the versatile, medicinal nature of the plant.

Let’s just call cannabis what it is — medicine. 

Unfortunately, the negative stigma attached to marijuana still lingers, and there are those who are still receiving unjust consequences for using it. 


The 21 Ballot Measures We’re Watching This Election

People who say that the U.S. is a republic and not a democracy apparently haven’t heard of ballot measures. Every year, some states1 allow citizens to bypass their elected representatives and weigh in directly on an issue — bringing policy to the forefront of the campaign in a way it often is not in candidate elections.


Florida Supreme Court gets another dose of medical marijuana

In a case that could have a dramatic impact on the state’s pot industry, the Florida Supreme Court made the unusual move Wednesday of hearing a second round of arguments in a challenge to a state law aimed at implementing a constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana.

Tampa-based Florigrown LLC is challenging the 2017 law, which created a regulatory structure for the state’s medical marijuana industry. Florigrown, whose owners include prominent strip-club operator Joe Redner, alleges that the law improperly carries out the amendment.


New Specialty Crops and Technology Keep Agri-Starts Growing

When Randy Strode and (partner at the time) Gerry Abner bought a property off Kelly Park Road in Apopka, FL, in 1984, it marked the humble beginnings of Agri-Starts, Inc. The little trailer lab and Quonset hoop houses only totaled about 6,500 square feet. But since that time, through continued diversification and innovation, the nursery is now home to 210,000 square feet of greenhouses — and in need of more space. Ty Strode, the President of Agri-Starts, took over day-to-day management of operations from his father at the beginning of this year.


In Florida, medical marijuana and CBD sales rise sharply during COVID-19 pandemic

Florida is seeing a surge in sales of medical marijuana and CBD hemp products as more people turn to them to treat their anxiety, insomnia and pain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voters in 2016 approved the state’s new medical marijuana industry, and sales have been rising ever since. With patients limiting their trips out of their homes, some have been buying more each time they go to dispensaries.

With the rise in demand, wait times at dispensaries in some instances rose from what used to take only 10 to 15 minutes — even without an appointment — to backlogs of dozens of patients at any given time, potentially lasting hours.


Florida’s Cannabis Industry Is About To Change In a Big Way

New Laws Mean That The Florida Cannabis Industry Could See Some Large Shifts


Medical Marijuana Patients In Florida Can Now Access Edibles

It’s been four years since Florida voters signed off on a law legalizing medical marijuana, but cannabis patients in the Sunshine State have been unable to receive treatment in the form of edibles—until now.


Florida Hemp Farmers Face Challenge Insuring Crops Amid Hurricane Season

Hemp. It's related to marijuana, but you don't smoke it, you make things with it. 

After being banned for more than 80 years, it's once again legal to grow it. 

However, in Florida, hemp farmers are facing a challenge insuring their crop just as hurricane season heats up. 

From paper straws to perfumes, even designer dresses, hemp is in line to become the key ingredient -- a durable fiber that thrives on sunshine, the kind Florida has in abundance, making the state nearly perfect for growing. 


Cannabis Doing It's Best To Make a Terrible Year Just A Little Better

One clear outcome of the coronavirus pandemic is explosive growth in cannabis sales in every major market around the country. Even in places like Illinois, which just started legal adult-use sales about two months before the coronavirus hit the United States, sales continue to make records.

If 2020 is one of the worst years in recent history, people apparently are turning to cannabis for a degree of comfort and solace - even NBA players


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