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Consumption of Medical Cannabis Quadrupled Compared to 2019 in the Czech Republic

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Consumption of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic has quadrupled year-on-year. While in 2019 patients were prescribed 17 kilograms of cannabis, last year the amount increased to 66.8 kilograms.

According to data published by the Office of the Government’s Drug Policy Department, the Ministry of Health, and the Public Institute for Drug Control, the increase was due to the fact that since last year, 90 percent of the price of cannabis has been covered by health insurance.

At the end of 2019, 434 patients were prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes, last December this figure grew to 1103 people, ie about two and a half times more. The number of registered doctors authorized to issue therapeutic cannabis has also risen – from 78 at the end of 2019 to 123 in 2020.


EU’s Highest Court Rules On CBD

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled member states must not prohibit the marketing of lawfully produced cannabidiol (CBD).

The case in question was in relation to a situation where parties produced hemp-derived CBD in the Czech Republic that was then imported into France for use in other products. Criminal proceedings were launched against the parties on the basis of a claim that French legislation only allows for the fibre and seeds of hemp to be put to commercial use.


Prague installs cannabis-dispensing vending machines

Buying cannabis products in the Czech Republic just got a lot more convenient.

Capital city Prague, along with Pasohlávky, Ostrava, and Olomouc, are all now home to their first automated cannabis-dispensing machines installed – and more are expected to dot the cities in the near future.

Unfortunately for cannabis-loving Czechs, there’s a catch.


Czech government approves expansion of country’s medical marijuana program

The Czech government has approved an amendment to the country’s medical cannabis legislation that could expand the number of growers and increase access to marijuana-based treatments.

The amendment would come into effect starting July 2021 if it secures approval from both parliament and the country’s president.

The Czech Republic legalized medical cannabis in 2013. However, the country’s medical marijuana program has been stunted by supply shortages and the protracted bureaucratic process patients and doctors alike need to go through in order to gain a prescription, similar to the U.K. 

Only special electronic prescriptions are allowed, while the number of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and the number of physicians who can prescribe it are scarce.


8 ancient cultures that loved smoking weed

While people’s opinion on marijuana today is divided between people who think it’s totally cool to use and others who think you’ll become a dangerous killer if you use it, that wasn’t really the case in the past, writes Jason Misulonas. For thousands upon thousands of years, ancient cultures used cannabis as a medicine, a building material and even just to get rid of the blues.

Here are eight ancient cultures that enjoyed using cannabis:


Tilray speeds expansion in Europe

Tilray Inc. is expanding its European leadership team and setting up a hub in Portugal, deepening its planned international reach.

The company appointed five senior members to its European team, according to a statement Friday. Arne Wilkens, a former executive at the German pharmaceuticals company AiCuris, will take on the role of vice president of business expansion in Europe.


Aurora Cannabis to ship medical cannabis to the Czech Republic

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB) (TSX: ACB) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM) announced today that the company has received an export request, has secured the required export permit and has now completed its first shipment of medical cannabis products to the Czech Republic, making this the 21st country in which the company operates.


The 6 most advanced countries for marijuana research

The most advanced countries for marijuana research are using science to defeat the stigma while getting people the medicine they need.

It is commonly known that the U.S. is not apart of the most advanced countries for marijuana research. Due to its legal status, receiving funding for cannabis research has been proven quite difficult in the U.S. The government still holds restrictive policies and regulations on research that will look into the benefits and risks of cannabis, which is available to consumers in numerous states.


Why Will Europe Be Slow in Legalising Medical Cannabis

Drug policy usually moves like an iceberg: slowly. And while and it can be hard to turn, sometimes it changes course in an unexpected direction. In the case of cannabis or marijuana, it may be picking up speed, but there are rough waters ahead.


ICCI offers warning to European CBD consumers

Oils with a high CBD (cannabidiol) content have enjoyed a rise in popularity in the European market lately. As long as the THC content is no higher than 0.2% in most (but sadly, not all) European member states, CBD oil is perfectly legal.

Consumers are more aware of the medicinal properties of CBD and its non-psychotropic effect when ingested or inhaled.

This surge in awareness and demand has created a large – and unregulated – industry. Thanks to Europe’s free market, consumers are able to buy from another EU state with ease.


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