Cyprus: Time to rethink absurd attitude towards the treatment of cannabis users

OUR SOCIETY has never dealt rationally with drug use, always falling victim to the scare-mongering by self-appointed anti-drugs crusaders who were more concerned about making a name for themselves rather than adopting a sensible approach to the issue. They were greatly assisted by the sensationalism of the media, which for years referred to cannabis as ‘white’ or ‘slow death’, regardless of the fact that the drug does not cause death and is said to be less harmful to health than alcohol.


Marijuana plants hidden in empty pool

A 56-year-old man in Larnaca was using the empty pool of a tourist complex as a hiding place for marijuana plants.

Police were tipped about the plants and had kept the pool under surveillance. The 56-year-old was arrested Wednesday afternoon as he went to tender the plants.

The plants were confiscated and the man was set to appear before a Larnaca Magistrate on Thursday.

Elsewhere, a 33-year-old was also arrested when his car was stopped for a routine check and police found 3 grams of cannabis resin.


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