Connecticut Governor Makes Plan To Legalize Cannabis

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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont would like to see legal cannabis in his state, both because he would like to bring more money into Connecticut, and because he hopes legalization will help end racial disparity in arrests in the state. To make this a reality, he has introduced a bill to the legislature. 


Governor of Connecticut Pushes For Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis In Budget Address

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With its neighboring states embracing marijuana legalization, Connecticut is now ready to get in on the act.

The state’s governor, Ned Lamont, outlined his plan to bring recreational pot to Connecticut in his budget address on Wednesday.


5 States That Might Legalize Marijuana in 2021

In 2020, the number of states that ended pot prohibition reached 15 (and the District of Columbia), as voters in four states—Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota—legalized marijuana through the initiative process. Since 2021 is not an election year, any states that attempt to legalize marijuana this year will have to go through the much more cumbersome legislative process, but at least a handful of them are poised to do so.


Massive raid takes out illegal mail order weed ring that supplied nine states

A massive raid involving hundreds of investigators and 27 simultaneous search warrants in nine communities in Washington State has taken down an illegal weed-mailing ring based out of Seattle.


Recreational Marijuana Could Raise $1 Billion For Connecticut

Connecticut could collect nearly $1 billion in taxes over five years if the state were to legalize recreational marijuana, according to a new University of Connecticut report.

A study by UConn’s Center for Economic Analysis estimated that in five years of recreational sales Connecticut could collect anywhere from $784 million to $952 million in new taxes, according to the Hartford Courant.


More states allowing telehealth consults for cannabis authorization

Until recently, the term “telehealth” was known in the medical community, but not the cannabis community.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak sent the country into lockdown, medical marijuana users in many states can now check in with a health care provider by video for authorization, rather than an in-person meeting.

According to, 31 states currently allow telemedicine for cannabis patients – 11 of which have temporarily altered their laws as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.


Connecticut: Legislative committee gives final approval for medical marijuana to treat chronic pain

A legislative committee has given final approval to a provision allowing patients with chronic pain and an inherited disorder that weakens the body’s connective tissue to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program.

The Regulations Review Committee, which met in a video conference Tuesday morning, unanimously approved the provision with no discussion. The vote follows the recommendation of the state Medical Marijuana Program’s Board of Physicians.


Connecticut Clergy Push Pot Legalization at State Capitol

Faith leaders from across Connecticut converged on the state capitol recently to show their support for legalization efforts this year. The move comes on the heels of Connecticut’s legislative session starting last week. Also prompting the Feb. 18 press conference, Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz are both filing cannabis legalization bills backed by Governor Ned Lamont during the new session. 


Connecticut Governor Continues Effort to Legalize Marijuana

Although a measure to legalize marijuana last year failed to gain enough traction to become law, Governor Ned Lamont is vowing to continue the fight.

In his state of the state address this week Governor Lamont said that ending marijuana prohibition represents “an opportunity to right the wrongs of a war on drugs that has disproportionately impacted our minority communities.” The governor said that he intends to work with “neighboring states as we consider regulating marijuana for adult use.”


Governor of Connecticut Reigniting Push For Marijuana Legalization

A proposal to legalize marijuana in Connecticut went up in smoke last year, but legislative advocates—including the state’s governor—are ready to give it another go.

In his state of the state address Wednesday, Gov. Ned Lamont said that ending the prohibition on pot represents “an opportunity to right the wrongs of a war on drugs that has disproportionately impacted our minority communities.” 


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