Hotels Profit From Marijuana Legalization

One of the most overlooked benefits of marijuana legalization is the boost it gives businesses that don’t have anything to do with weed. Long before so much as a gram of pot can be sold, realtors, contractors and construction crews are needed to get cultivation operations and dispensaries whipped into shape. Properties must be sold, structures built, gutted, redesigned and fitted with new electric and ventilation systems. It’s a whole process that most people don’t give a second thought, and it is one where presumably thousands of non-pot-related workers are reaping the rewards.


Cannabis lounges not 'very profitable,' says Colorado lounge owner

Cannabis cafes have been a bit of a disappointment in one of the cities which spearheaded the movement to legalize weed.

“We’re very happy to have them, they just aren’t profitable,” said Rita Tsalyuk, owner of The CoffeeJointCo, a cannabis cafe in Denver, Colo.

The cafes in that city currently operate on a bring-your-own weed model — they are not permitted to sell any cannabis products.

There is no smoking allowed but users can, “dab, use vape pens, and consume edibles.”

The experience in Colorado should raise concerns in Ontario where provincial officials are now conducting an online consultation designed to come up with rules for cannabis cafes and lounges.


Coronavirus and Cannabis Conventions – List of Cancelled Industry Events

The novel coronavirus continuing to spread around the world has taken the “work-from-home” concept to a whole new level.

At the moment, the global M.O. is to stay home as much as possible. Thankfully, we live in a time where that couldn’t be any easier. With abundant remote work opportunities, numerous product delivery options, and a slew of virtual services available, leaving the house is completely voluntary for some people.


Study finds more teens are choosing not to use marijuana

More teens are choosing not to use marijuana, according to new survey results from the City and County of Denver. The city believes its new "facts-based" marijuana youth prevention campaign is part of the reason for the improving stats. 

Denver’s "High Costs marijuana youth education and prevention campaign," or just High Costs, is an effort by the City and County of Denver to educate Denver’s youth on how underage marijuana-use can affect their passions, pursuits and futures. 


Colorado marijuana sales hit new record in 2019

Dispensaries in Colorado set a new sales record last year, according to data released by the Colorado Department of Revenue this week.

In 2019, Colorado bagged $1.74 billion in sales (recreational and medicinal cannabis combined), out of which $302 million was in sales taxes – revenue that the state diverts toward various programs including the construction of new schools and health education.


Colorado Cannabis Companies Circumventing Ad Restrictions by Adopting Highways

It’s quite the conundrum in our ad-heavy society, keeping kids away from certain commercial messaging. In many states, cannabis companies are particularly censored in this regard. Colorado is one of them. In the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, such companies are banned from TV, radio, and print ads to which minors could be exposed. Social media is a bit of a minefield for hopeful cannabis advertisers to traverse. Many kinds of outdoor advertising have also been banned. 

But for years, the state’s cannabis brands have found a workaround. 


Anti-Legalization Activists Attempt to Roll Back Colorado Cannabis Reform

Nearly eight years after Colorado voters legalized recreational cannabis, there are still some who want to see the state in the world of prohibition. A proposal for a ballot initiative that aims to repeal the part of the state constitution that says that cannabis “should be legal for persons twenty-one years of age or older and taxed in a manner similar to alcohol” was submitted to state officials in January. The proposal doesn’t appear to be worrying too many people in Colorado – but, it shows that there are some folks who truly don’t see all the positive changes that came with legalizing cannabis. 


How Much Cannabis Each State Sold in First Month of Legal Sales

Illinois dispensaries sold nearly $40 million dollars with of cannabis in the first 31 days of recreational cannabis sales, according to new numbers released last week.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced the number on Feb. 3. Officials said the final total of $39,247,840.83 came from the sale of 972,045 cannabis products at licensed retailers across the state.


Cutting edge cannabis research at the University of Colorado Boulder

Professor Kent Hutchison speaks to Health Europa Quarterly about his groundbreaking cannabis research and establishing an online cannabis education course on its medical applications at the University of Colorado Boulder.


These Are The US Cities And States With The Most Dispensaries

The city with the most dispensaries based on its population figure is Missoula, Montana.

When most Americans pass by a store selling liquor, beer, or wine, they barely think twice about it. That’s because its existence isn’t novel; we all know plenty of folks who drink and buy alcohol. Outside of a few select cities, seeing a marijuana dispensary on a street corner still causes heads to turn.


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