Colorado Might Keep Curbside Cannabis Pick-Up After COVID-19 Pandemic Ends

Ever since COVID-19 started impacting Colorado and shut-down orders were put in place across the state, the state relaxed some rules and allowed for curbside cannabis and online ordering. The new, convenient purchase methods may remain in place even once COVID-19 measures are relaxed and folks can resume their normal shopping habits.  

According to Westword, many are enjoying being able to order their cannabis at home and then go pick it up. In addition to being a safer option right now, it saves the customer time. 


City of Denver, Colorado Launches Cannabis Licensing Work Group

Denver’s local government just announced a Marijuana Licensing Work Group (MLWG) that will help make recommendations in the newly relevant areas of cannabis licensing. 

According to a press release, the group is made up of representatives from the business community, social justice activists, public health and safety officials, and youth specialists. Their goal will be to make recommendations on new cannabis licensing laws and rules in the best interest of all those involved with, and impacted by, the industry.


The Cannabis Industry Could Get a Big Boost in the Next Stimulus Bill

While many companies are getting benefits from the government to help battle COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, cannabis is one industry that's been overlooked. Marijuana companies are ineligible for support under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act because they're involved in federally illegal activities. Even companies that do business with these federally illegal entities (e.g., the cannabis industry) are ineligible for government aid.

As a result, the cannabis industry has been overlooked thus far in financial assistance. However, that could change as Democrats try to get help for cannabis companies. And if they succeed, it would help make pot stocks safer buys.


Colorado medical marijuana company giving away $1M in products to honor the late Charlotte Figi

The company that makes Charlotte’s Web CBD products is donating $1 million worth of product to families affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the company said Monday.


Lawsuit Filed Over U.S. Hemp Crop Destruction

In another chapter of an ongoing saga, a Colorado-based hemp grower is suing the Kern County (California) sheriff’s office and others over what it says was illegal destruction of its hemp crop.


First Marijuana Delivery Starts In Colorado, Just In Time

Timing is everything in business. For one Colorado cannabis company, their timing has been just about perfect.

The Native Roots-owned dispensary in Boulder called The Dandelion is the first in the state to get a license that allows them to deliver marijuana to customers. Has there ever been a better time to offer that service, with stay-at-home order in place across the country?

While the awarding of the license had nothing to do with the COVID-19 outbreak, it just so happens that delivery service began at The Dandelion in late March. Coloradans have been under a stay-at-home order since March 26.


Are there dangerous heavy metals in your weed?

The marijuana plant is an amazing plant, full of healing cannabinoids that are still being discovered.

It can be used for phytoremediation, where the plant literally draws in heavy metal contaminants out of the soil, up through the roots, and into the stalks and buds. Tomatoes and some species of geraniums do this too. It cleans the soil, then gets destroyed.


The Colorado Cannabis Industry Is Helping Restaurant Workers

Over the years, the relationship between the cannabis industry and the restaurant industry has been a tumultuous one, to say the least. I was living in Colorado right after legalization and remember having conversations with restaurant industry friends about how all of the new positions opening up in the cannabis industry were causing issues for their industry. 


What happens when four manufacturers from different industries get together to help a community?

When hand sanitizer shortages due to Coronavirus were announced, at least four companies across Chaffee County jumped at the chance to help fill the void. What started as four companies looking independently to address the shortage quickly led to local businesses working together to make it happen from supplies on hand. The collaboration was initiated by Sterling Stoudenmire, President & CEO of Pure Greens, who brought in PT Wood, Salida Mayor and co-Founder of Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, Christian Koch, Founder and Director of Brewing Operations at Elevation Beer Co., and Alan Pursell, Owner of Pursell Manufacturing. Each company contributed a critical ingredient or part to make much needed sanitizer available to the community quickly.


Cannabis Sales Rise 57% In Colorado During Pandemic

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