Columbia Care to Acquire California's Project Cannabis in $69 Million Deal

New York-based cannabis firm Columbia Care has agreed to purchase California’s Project Cannabis in a deal valued at $69 million.

In a news release, the multistate operator said it would trade as much as $57 million worth of stock and pay at least $12 million in cash to acquire the Los Angeles-based vertically integrated cannabis company.


Many of California’s cannabis growers are uninsured and in the line of fire

The summer of 2020 has brought record-breaking heat waves and wildfires to California, with more than 3 million acres burned and smoke-filled air covering the majority of the state. As the fires burn, cannabis cultivators across the state are racing to finish and harvest their crops. But the fires can be disastrous for this process, in some cases even destroying plants that are spared by the flames.

While industry insiders report that these difficulties are unlikely to affect consumers, they could be a nightmare for the businesses that supply them.

Growers are being hurt worse than most other businesses hit by fire: Cannabis crops are more difficult to insure because growing the plant is still illegal under federal law.


Cannabis Equity Applicants Still Face Barriers

The image has become familiar: presented by floor-to-ceiling shiny windows and a smiling, iPad-holding greeter, dispensaries in California look far more like an Apple Store than the smelly back alleys and strip mall parking lots where we used to buy our weed.

No longer the “devils lettuce,” cannabis is now a feature of “wellness,” and “plant medicine.” If Don Draper were real and working today, he’d certainly be pushing pot.


Greenstop’s new cannabis vending machines to be available in select dispensaries of California

The California-based cannabis tech start-up Greenstop recently announced the launch of its all-new cannabis vending machines several select dispensaries of California. The self-serve kiosks are capable of serving four customers at a time. Greenstop’s new service is touted as the Smart Dispensary, and the kiosks are being looked at as self-service checkout lanes at grocery stores.
Cannabis is regarded as a substantial business vertical in the U.S., especially during a somber situation like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Greenstop’s new system offers dispensaries various solutions to maintain the safety of sales associates and customers during this critical time while conforming to the local regulations.


Seven dead in shooting at illegal California cannabis grow house

Seven people were shot dead this week in the small town of Aguanga, California, where police discovered a large illegal cannabis growing operation.

All seven of the victims were Laotian, while over 20 people appeared to live on the property, according to local law enforcement officials.  

Police were initially responding to a 911 call at the property after the caller reported an assault with a deadly weapon. Authorities encountered six bodies at the ranch, while the seventh victim, a woman, was still alive when they arrived on the scene. However, she died shortly upon arrival at the hospital.


California Must Share Cannabis Licensee Records With Feds

In an inevitable conclusion, the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and Department of Justice (“DOJ”) won their federal court case against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) pursuant to which the BCC must now comply with a recent DEA subpoena regarding alleged criminal activity by certain state-licensed distributors hailing out of (what’s probably) San Diego (based on the court filings). Namely, it sounds like certain Southern California licensed distributors are (allegedly) moving cannabis oil out of Mexico into California.


California Begins Promoting Cannabis Industry In Statewide Outreach Campaign Called ‘This Is California Cannabis’

CDFA’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division is managing the campaign, which profiles the wide range of licensed California cannabis farmers, from legacy outdoor farms in rural Humboldt to high-tech, vertically-integrated operations in urban locations.


California Might Be Progressive with Marijuana, But CBD is an Entirely Different Story

Although California is viewed as a liberal paradise – especially regarding cannabis laws – the way this state regulates CBD is still incredibly limited and regressive.


The Oddest Cannabis Laws And Regulations

The history of cannabis laws and regulations in the United States is a complicated, convoluted affair that has arguably only gotten more confusing as more and more states launch legal medical and recreational marijuana programs. The result can sometimes be, well, a bit odd.

The following is a short list of some of the stranger cannabis regulations currently on the books in the US. 

1. Don’t transport marijuana by boat in California 

Don't transport marijuana by boat in California

Make sure not to run fowl of the law in California. (wiroklyngz/123rf)


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