California Overturns Regulation Allowing for Cannabis Billboards

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California just overturned a state ruling that allowed for cannabis billboard advertising along state and interstate highways. While cannabis billboards are still allowed, they are prohibited on any highway that crosses state borders, a new restriction for the industry. 


Majoring in marijuana? That soon could be common as universities adapt to a growth industry.

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Want practical experience growing marijuana, but have no idea how to get a plant? Or just not comfortable growing cannabis at home?

Try stinging nettle, which is a plant that’s distantly related to cannabis and has similar growth patterns.

That’s just one of many workarounds Dana Milstein had to learn as she developed curriculum for UC Riverside’s new extension program focused on cannabis, which is the first program of its kind at a public university in California.


California says some highway marijuana billboards must go

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In a downer for California’s legal marijuana industry, regulators say some highway billboards advertising such products must come down.

The state Bureau of Cannabis Control on Thursday ordered billboard companies to stop selling space for cannabis marketing and take down existing ads on roads that cross state borders. Previously, such ads were only banned within a 15-mile radius of the California border.

The new decision covers about three dozen state and interstate routes, including the heavily traveled US 101 in Los Angeles.

The advertisements can remain on highways that lie entirely within California borders.


Oakland's Social Equity Programs Continue to Leave Every Other City in the Dust

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The City of Oakland, California, continues to pave the way towards social and economic equity in the cannabis business. The city has launched a new million-dollar workforce development grant program. The program is designed to recruit, train, and employ citizens who have disproportionately and unjustly suffered from the War on Drugs. This includes people who have lived in overpoliced neighborhoods in Oakland for at least two years and have endured a cannabis conviction in Oakland. 


States Enter the Billion Dollar Cannabis Club For 2020

As states report cannabis sales numbers for 2020, record highs continue across the country. It’s become a billion-dollar business for several states, blowing out levels that states had estimated when originally planning legalization.


California Hasn’t Seen An Increase In Young Adult Cannabis Use Since Legalization

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Adult-use cannabis in California has brought quite a few changes to the state, including easier access to needed medicine and a thriving cannabis tourism scene. However, there has been no marked increase in young adult cannabis use since the start of legalization. 


California Cannabis Executive Petitions Trump To Release Nonviolent Cannabis Offender

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A California cannabis industry executive is calling on President Donald Trump to use his executive power in the waning days of his presidency by issuing a pardon to a nonviolent cannabis offender. Kyle Kazan, the CEO of vertically-integrated cannabis company Glass House Group, issued the plea for clemency for Parker Coleman, Jr. in an open letter to the president.


Why You Can’t Smoke Cannabis in Public (Even in States Where Marijuana is Legal)

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If you’ve never visited a state where cannabis is legal (and you’ve never been to Canada), you might imagine the fully-legal corners of the world as hash heaven – people picnicking with joints in hand, basking in Bob Ross-like golden rays of sunshine and the sweet freedom that comes from being able to light up whenever you please.

We hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that’s not the reality – like, at all.


California Cannabis: What To Watch For In 2021

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It goes without saying, but 2020 was a pretty wild year for the California cannabis and hemp industries. We think 2021 will be a pretty active year and want to list out some things to watch out for as we kick off the new year.

Agency Consolidation: It was announced in January 2020 that California’s three cannabis agencies’ regulatory authority would be consolidated into a single, new agency, the Department of Cannabis Control. We expect that there will be significant efforts in 2021 to make this happen, which will be a big shake-up for California’s regulated cannabis industry.


Cannabis: 4 things to watch for in 2021

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Making predictions about California’s marijuana industry was a challenge even before a global pandemic changed everything.

It’s not just that the legal cannabis market, which launched three years ago in California, is so new. It’s also the singularity of an industry in which licensed, legal operators still compete against a much larger illicit market, even as the industry’s core consumer product — which is medicine for some people — remains illegal at the federal level.


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